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I had a wonderful and very mixed day yesterday, in the morning we got up early, put our scruffs on and joined our friends for my first ever paint balling experience. If I took one thing away from the whole process it was that paint ball’s really hurt in the backside and in the neck (oh my goodness, that was incredibly painful).

In the afternoon I went kitchenware shopping, this is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and I was so excited with the anticipation of filling my kitchen with new items. It’s taken me a long time to become a home-owner, whilst my fella work’s endlessly on tiling and assembling showers etc I have taken to mowing the lawn, pulling endless amounts of Ivy off the outside walls and dreaming about remodelling my kitchen.

Whilst the kitchen remodel is not going to happen until next year my kitchen is slowly shaping up as my new wonderland for foodie creations, I lovingly lined up Prestat hot chocolates, fancy hazelnut coffee, added a more Le Creuset Kitchenware and started to feel myself lift with joy that my domain was starting to feel more like ‘mine‘, well ‘our’s’ because he is a great cook but I’m a little over protective.

Next week I get to host my first ever dinner party at our new home, it’ll be more of a buffet due to the varying ages and eating preferences of our guests but I’m filled with joy about being able to finally do this. I’m catering for 10 adults (plus children) and my vague plan is to serve huge salad’s (potato and standard), pasta, cold meat’s, cheeses, nutty nibbles, a huge bowl of Haribo, marshmallows and Cadbury for smaller sweet toothed folk. Plus so much more, there will be cake, because every event need’s cake and there will be my new favourite ‘Moroccan Couscous’ which is so easy to make and a joy to eat.


This recipe can be pulled together in no time, it’s perfectly balanced in calories (if that’s your thing) and will last for a few day’s sealed in the fridge, plus it tastes incredible.

[recipe title=”Moroccan CousCous” servings=”4″ time=”20 minutes” difficulty=”easy”]

For the Moroccan spice –

  • Quarter teaspoon ground cumin.
  • Quarter teaspoon ground coriander.
  • A pinch of ground ginger.
  • Quarter teaspoon teaspoon coarsely ground pepper.
  • A pinch of  turmeric.
  • A pinch ground cinnamon.

*I know typing a ‘pinch’ is not awfully helpful but it’s just a hint of the flavour and you may wish to tweak to your own taste.

For the Cous Cous

*115g Dried Couscous

*25g Pomegranate seeds

*1 Tin chickpea’s

*10 Sundried tomato’s (sliced)

*100g Pea’s

Method –

Step one:

Mix together all the spices in a pot/mug/whatever suits best and set aside for a moment.

Step two:

Boil your kettle, weigh out the couscous and cover in boiling hot water (I’d say a cup or so of hot water will be enough) then mix in the spices and leave to soften.

Step three:

Chop the sundried tomatoes, pop the pea’s into boiling water to cook, if they are not already prepared (this normally only takes around 10 minutes), drain the chickpea’s and set aside the pomegranate.

Step four:

Using a fork fluff up the couscous and separate any clumps, then add in all your extra’s, mix and serve.

This is wonderful with chicken, tofu, feta, balsamic glaze…the choices are endless.


 Do you have make couscous? Do you plan meals ahead? If so this is ideal as it keeps well for a few day’s in Tupperware..