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Yoga : Staying mindful over Xmas

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening with warm feet and kind soul; soon I’ll put together the finishing touches to a comforting Sunday Dinner and eat with the man who makes my eyes sparkle.

This is what mindfulness over the most busy, expensive and sometimes stressful time of year feel’s like to me. The thing I take the greatest delight in is the fact it’s wholly unique and we don’t have to settle for another persons idea of ‘a happy place‘.

For me, balancing on my purple mat and listing to the smoothing instructions of my teacher every Tuesday remains a priority, no matter what I have on my mind or evening agenda. I’ve had a few classes recently when I’ve lugged myself into class, held my layers around me and resisted taking my sock’s off right until last minute but left the class feeling a inch taller and with less weight on my shoulders than I started with.

Whilst reading this months ‘Om Yoga Magazine’ I started to think about winter/xmas time and how to stay mindful during these cold winter day’s :

*I read an article in this month’s ‘Om Yoga Magazine’ that mentioned the fact Ringo Star of ‘The Beatles’ Fame keep’s youthful with broccoli and yoga; as the winter months can make us feel sluggish maybe a additional serving of vegetables and a morning yoga sequence could make us feel more sprightly.

*On day’s that I feel low on energy and in need of a boost I’m going to set the intention to flow through some of the ‘Lyengar Yoga’ poses in this month’s ‘Om Yoga Magazine’.

*We shouldn’t feel guilty about lighting that sweet smelling candle, sinking into a piping hot bath with a hot beverage and winding down with something good to read.

*Do you have a thousand and one things to do? Excuse yourself for a few moments and settle for just a minute or two, embrace the moment and take a few deep breaths to give you the energy to carry on.

*Are you worrying about gaining a extra lb or two over Xmas? Don’t worry, eat, relax and be merry and I love seeing Yoga Sequences posed by model’s whom are in beautiful shape but not wafer thin, it reminds me to be thankful for the body I have.

*Just because this is a busy time of year don’t feel guilty about having 20 minutes to yourself, as Yoga is so energising it may be the much needed boost you need to arrive at the office party glowing from the inside.

How do you stay mindful during this time of year? Are you still finding the time to practice/attend class?




OM Yoga magazine kindly provided me with a free subscription but all opinions are my own.

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