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Workout For Free -Wherever You Are – With Julia Buckley

As a new year begins many of us set ourselves new challenges, one of the most common decisions is to join a gym, but with costs, travel and time this doesn’t work for everyone. So, what about a gym that you can join at home, where you can workout at a time that suits you and in the privacy of your own home?

There’s nothing else quite like this available for free anywhere on the web! – Julia Buckley

This New Year, Julia Buckley announced that she’s ditching the £10 monthly fee, which 100’s of members were happily paying for membership of her online gym, and throwing the doors open to all, totally free. Let’s think about this, what could be more time efficient than a quick home workout, followed by a shower then changing into your PJ’s and enjoying some snacks?

With this in mind, I caught up with Julia to find out what was the motivating factor in this exciting change?

What inspired the decision to make your online gym free of charge?

For me, making a positive difference in people’s lives and forming human connections is far more motivating than earning money. For years I’d been thinking about how I could make the online gym free so I could reach more people, but since it was my main source of income I was very nervous about dropping the £10 month fee which hundreds of members were paying. I didn’t know how I’d survive financially without it, let alone fund the site costs, I still don’t have a firm plan, to be honest. But a few things happened in my personal life last year which really brought home the value of seizing the day. The most impactful was my super-fit husband needing life-saving surgery after discovering (non-lifestyle related) heart problems. It was his life on the line, not mine, but it made me see how fragile and fleeting life can be – how could I let a thing like money hold me back from going for my dream after that?

So I’ve taken a leap of faith. My hope is that the members will want to support what I’m doing by helping to spread the word, then if enough people join I’ll be able to secure sponsorship to pay the site costs and keep it free of charge.

*How can your online gym motivate more people to get fit in 2019?

Of course, now it’s free that one barrier down for a lot of people. You can do all the workouts at home in the tiniest of spaces and many of the workouts are equipment free.

If time is your main obstacle you’ll be saving a ton of that by being able to work out at home and there’s no faffing around with pdfs or print-outs, just rock up in front of the screen, press play and I guide you through.

People say it’s like having me right there sweating it out with them – and I do sweat in the videos, it’s all very real!

Countless members have told me I motivate them to push harder and keep going for longer than they ever can when exercising alone or even in the gym.

My signature style a trainer is as much about helping people with their mindset as providing amazing workouts. I give people lots of reminders to keep their heads in the right place as we work out together. I love helping people to finish their workouts feeling amazing, that’s what motivates them to keep coming back and, of course, from there the physical results follow.

*Can you share one of your favorite workouts? What should I add to my “To try” list?

That’s a toughie! There are over 200 workout videos in the online gym and since I invented them I like them all!

But from an unbiased point of view, top member faves are the Rebellion and Forge programmes. Rebellion is great for anyone wanting to mix my workouts with other training or people who want short sessions they can easily slot into busy days.

Forge is an amazing programme for someone dedicated to doing what it takes to get into the best shape of their lives.

The site is home to over 200 real-time workout videos, including 12 structured programmes, healthy recipes, motivational pep talks, a supportive community forum, and more.

“Thousands of people have already got into amazing shape with my do-anywhere workouts”Julia Buckley

Question – Have you ever used an online gym? I’ve taken part in a few of Julia’s workouts and absolutely loved it.



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