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Wireless Headphones For The Gym/Running…

I’m the first one to admit, I was hugely resistant towards the concept of switching to wireless headphones. There were a few reasons, namely, I was convinced I’d lose them, secondly, it was something else to charge (no big deal, but I’m forgetful) and thirdly, the cost. Oh, not forgetting, I’m not always the best person to embrace change, but, hey ho!

During the past few months, I’ve been very fortunate to have tried a few different types of wireless headphones, whilst this is far from an extensive list. I can only hope that it might serve as a starting point for someone looking to invest in some new ear candy, did I just type that? Oh wait, I certainly did.

Whilst I’ve not tried these headphones myself, from various conversations with users, there’s a pretty good reason why these are so popular. Priced at less than £30.00 with 4 hours of battery life, 3 different sizes of bud, and the addition of being rainproof. You can’t really go wrong, again, by the simple fact they are rated as a “Best Seller” and the fact they are recommended by so many different people speaks volumes too.

Mid-Range – AfterShokz Titanium Mini (£69.95)

After trying my husband’s AfterShokz and seeing so many people wearing these over on Instagram, I gave in and purchased my own pair. I love that not only are these fast charging, but they are also seriously easy to set up and allow for me to use them safely whilst running outside due to the bone-conducting technology. In simple terms, you can listen to music and keep an ear out for what’s going on around you at the same time.

Depending on how loud your gym speakers are, these might not be the best choice for gym’s or glasses wears due to the fit of the headphones. However, I consider them to be very comfortable, durable, and great value for money.

Benefits include the fact they are able to repel sweat, dust and moisture, and have the addition of 6 hours listening/calling time on one full charge.

Higher Cost – Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds (£109) *Gifted

Okay, this might be an unpopular opinion but I didn’t actually get on that well with these headphones at all. Let me explain why, the concept is great, they come in a neat little charging case which I really liked. They fit into the ear, which is wonderful if you don’t want anything on/around your head, but I found that mine fell out a few times.

Benefits include lightweight and sleek design, 6 hours listening time and ambient sound.

Frustratingly, there were 3 different applications to download, because I didn’t have a Samsung phone to use and it was impossible to maximise the volume. It might be that another user has an entirely different experience, but these weren’t the headphones for me.

AfterShokz Aeropex – £149.95

The first time I tried these was my first ever AfterShokz experience I wasn’t sure how to feel about the whole concept. I was slightly bewildered by the fit and the fact I could hear everything else going on around me. After a few run’s wearing them I was absolutely sold, so I brought my own pair (*see above for more details).

The different between these and the “Titanium” is that these are lighter, the sound quality is better and there’s two hours more battery time. So, the model for you would depend on how important these elements are and your personal budget.

Okay, if you want to completely shut out the world and immerse in sound, then these are definitely the right headphones for you!

Super comfortable, with up to 20 hours usage and quick charging, but If I’m honest, I wouldn’t wear these running outside for my own personal safety. I should point out that these are larger than the other headphones mentioned. Which I don’t personally consider to be a problem but this might be an import factor to other users.

Selling points are not just the battery life, but the sound quality is by far the best of the bunch and these offer so many more little extras like the option to make the noise-canceling element adaptive. Plus, it’s worth me mentioning the fact you can use an “Aux” cable to give you more flexibility and effectively, the best of both worlds.


I hope that you’ve found this useful, as mentioned before this is just an overview based on my own personal experiences and preferences.



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