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Winter Running Kit


It’s that time of year again, shorter days and darker nights, defrosting the car before work and evenings in front of the fire. I know that many of us find staying motivated during the cold winter months hard, but there’s no reason not to wrap up, head outside and explore.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be seen, please don’t forget a much-needed headtorch or reflective jackets if out running in the evenings.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the ‘Black Friday’ madness has started already, however, this is a good excuse to pick up a bargain.



1 Skins Compression Running Tights *Skins have a fantastic Black Friday sale on right now

2 Adidas Performance Leggings *Love this design.

3  Adidas Performance Leggings (Stella) *Not as expensive as you may think..


Toasty Warm Tops

1 H&M Fleece Hooded Jacket *Great/Flattering design in a few different colours

2 New Look Coral Top  *This is only £7

3 Nike Hyper Warm Top *Nike do thermals well!


Finishing Touches

1 Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes* I was kindly sent a pair of these and cannot rate them highly enough. I am a neutral runner and find the level of support fantastic, plus the funky sole is so unique! 

2 Urban outfitters ‘we’re getting pizza’ water bottle *Sadly the ‘Gym & Tonic‘ bottle has sold out, but this is just as fun. 

3 H&M Tube Scarf  *No one wants a cold neck running.

So tell me, have you brought any more winter kit lately? How are you staying motivated during the start of this cold spell?



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