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Why you should give Charity Shopping a chance.

Did you know that Fast Fashion is actually one of the most exploitive industries on the planet? I’d buried my head in the sand until I found myself watching programs that clearly display the problematic conditions in which cheap clothing is made. Not to mention the drain on my bank account and effects on the plant with landfill, I started to think more seriously about how I shop.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible (regretfully) for me to completely avoid buying clothing. Due to the fact I have working relationships with clothing brands and I certainly don’t feel comfortable buying used underwear. I have, on the other hand, decided to make a small difference and buy from Charity Shops or eBay whenever possible.

My charity shopping addiction started last year and you might recall that my husband picked my Xmas Party Dress from a charity shop. What I really wanted to achieve with this post is taking away the stigma of buying second hand. Whilst trailing through the rails we found endless items that were actually brand new, with tags.

With charity shopping, you get the high of discovering a hidden gem, for example, there was a Ted Baker skirt I’d wanted for years. Then, my time had come when I found it for £3.50 in just my size. Not to mention the beautiful draped Vivienne Westwood top, for £4.95 and a whole lot of timeless elegance. Alongside this, I love having something different to everyone else, genuine style never goes out of fashion.

If you make one small change this year, let it be to give Charity Shopping a chance, honestly, you might just find yourself happily surprised.

Katie x

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