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Why you should aim to feel better in your own skin…

Ah, Summertime is upon us, the season of ice cream, regular leg shaving, small dresses, and underboob sweat.

I decided that whilst relaxing at home during Summer 2019 and the almighty but brief heatwave, my mantra would be “I tend not to wear a lot of clothes“.

Let’s start with the basics, a lot of people misunderstand that it’s not actually a sexual thing, it’s about feeling comfortable:

Being naked in a non-sexual way, and learning to accept your body in all its flaws, is one of the most life-affirming experiences you could ever hope to have.

I’m not chilling out in limited clothing to appear sexier to my Husband when he comes home from work or people who read my blog. When a man comes home from work on a hot day, it’s socially acceptable for him to relax in just a pair of shorts and there’s no sexual connotation, so I wondered why on earth could I not just chill out in a pair of shorts? So I did.

Sometimes, as women, we are our own worst enemies.

How many times have you started to list off all your flaws, drawing attention to and creating problems that don’t actually exist?

Think about it from this point of view: Ask yourself, when was the last time a Man stood in front of you and started to list all his physical flaws and put himself down?

Answer: Never?

Guess what?– No one is perfect, I’m far from content with my rounded tummy and generously jiggling thighs. But on a more positive note, I look like a road map with my lumps, bumps, lines, and scars. What a journey it’s been…?

What I’m trying to tell you, is how YOU view your body is the key, the problem, and the solution…

We can look around at each other and forget our main focus should be ourselves, we can focus on cruel comments, we can create situations that don’t exist, or we can just accept it all and move forward. Sure, wanting to lose weight, etc is just fine, but sometimes I wish we all could all spend more time enjoying our bodies more; through sex, dancing, running, swimming, whatever really.

Stop seeking validation through other people

It’s really simple, you can’t change how people think, what they say or what they might do. So, how about not making it about them and making it about you?

But, on the other hand, let other people love you…

You might not love yourself and that’s just fine, but sometimes it’s important to let other people love you whilst you learn to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

& on that note…

Eat the croissant, wear the ridiculous dress, buy underwear that makes you feel amazing, stand a little taller and stop pointing out your so-called flaws.




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