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What shooting Instagram Images with other bloggers taught me…

Over the past few weeks, I’d made it a personal mission to take pictures with as many different bloggers as possible. During this and my previous experiences, I’ve learned a lot about behind the scenes of “The Gram”. Let me tell you this, it’s high time we moved away from the Candy-colored houses of Notting Hill.

No, seriously we are. If someone wants to pass, we’ll move, if it’s someone’s house, we won’t pose outside and if it’s in a public place such as a café, we’ll ask permission first.

The psychology behind how we view ourselves is absolutely fascinating, we all have a certain ideal and 7/10 times the bloggers favorite and my favorite will be different.

Did you know: The image you see in the mirror is simply a reflection and not the real you? That’s why we often look so very different in pictures. Alongside this, we should never forget that camera’s only display the 2D version of ourselves.

At the “Top” of blogging/Instagram world, the standard is set at a professional level, pictures are along the same lines as a magazine editorial. Therefore, I’ve started a shoot with high hopes, only to realize that my reality is entirely different. I know I’m not alone, but in the end, we finish with our own kind of special.

Behind every Instagram picture is almost 25 other pictures, 5 will be complete blips and often quite frankly hilarious. It doesn’t matter how physically beautiful the subject is, none of us can escape double chins, closed eyes and those mid conversation moments.

Did you know: Often I will take anything between 100-500 pictures, more if it’s a paid project and then 5-10 will make it to the “Yes List” for future edits.

Sorry to anyone I’ve taken a blurred or out of focus photo of, it’s not you, it’s me. I didn’t read the instruction manual.

Every person I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with has had a different objective, new ideas, and a long-term goal. It’s uplifting, interesting and encouraging that we’re a generation of people who are taking our own creativity and goals into our own hands.

It might look like we’ve captured yet another “generic shot” but sometimes it’s almost impossible to be different, try considering the time, effort and edits that went into that one picture. Suddenly it doesn’t look like such egotistical pastime.

I’ve currently got a bit of a girl crush on Katherine Ryan and she’s spoken about women looking “Wet” on Instagram and “Instagram Whores”. I’m yet to encounter that kind of influencer in real life, I suppose if someone was fully focused on being sexy, chances are they’re not going to be shooting with me.

I wonder if when she states Wet she means the current “You can see her dewy highlighter from space look I’m currently working with? I would say answers on a postcard, but you can leave them in my Instagram comments section.




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