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What I wish I’d known – Before I started working out…

Over time, my reason for working out has changed, it started simply as part of my weight loss journey and over time became so much more.

It’s interesting to ask people why they started working out, many of us start working out to improve our physical shape and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. There are days I run for cake, alongside days that I run just to clear the demons in my head. I lift because I want to feel strong, I want to feel able and improve my body in ways that aren’t actually skin deep.

When I started climbing, it wasn’t so I could burn calories, it was so that I could see a whole new world. Taking on that sport shaped my life, confidence and created experiences I never considered possible. I wish I’d known how rich, satisfying and content my life could be sooner, on the how hand, life is about lessons and learning to dance in the rain – Good things take time.

I wish I’d known that working out wasn’t a chore, that I didn’t just have to run for hours and I could lift weights and only see positive changes, I wish I’d known that yoga would bring me peace. Alongside the fact I had to eat right to hit that PB, thinking about setting a new goal is different to getting up and going to chase that very same goal.

As we are all so beautifully different, I’ve asked a few bloggers I admire to share what they wish they’d known before they started working out.

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Tell me, what do you wish you’d known?



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