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What I spend in a week – Part 2

When I first published a ‘What I spend a week…‘ I was hugely apprehensive about how this kind of post would be received, it wasn’t an ‘average‘ week and if I’m honest, I was horrified by the total.

But, with Christmas coming up and the Black Friday (weekend? week? month?), I thought it might be interesting to share another week in my spending. Thankfully, it was a little more sensible but still more than I expected…


I’ve started writing this post on a Sunday so it would appear most fitting to start as I mean to go on. Normally Sunday is a more quiet, restful day for me but I was up bright and early to help my Mum at a local craft fair and spent the morning selling and taste-testing her cake’s.

When I returned home I checked the Black Friday (Sunday?) deals and finally gave in and bought a new theme for my blog as there was 15% off. I use ‘Pipdig’ as the service is fantastic with really clear guides on how to set everything up, and I only paid £32.50 which most certainly won’t break the bank.

Total Spend: £32.50


Well, I’m already worrying that this is going to be another one of ‘those weeks’ where I appear to be buying stuff every day! But, I bought some external hard-drive storage (£48.00) to back up my blog externally and save some of my excessive photos.

On Monday’s I tend to work from home, which means my costs are low but I managed to wangle a free ‘Fringe Trim‘ at the hairdressers and met a friend for coffee at a new co-working venue, again this was free.

Total Spend: £48.00


Well, Tuesday was a pretty uneventful day in relation to my spending.

I make my lunch at home, so no cost there, I resisted any online shopping so no cost there and my partner bought me a train ticket using Tesco Points – Hurrah! Spend free day!

Total Spend: £00.00


I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the petrol station, which pretty much explains why it gets left to last minute!

So, I started by day’s spending with a tank of fuel (£29.97) and nipped out at lunch to buy, you guessed it…CHOCOLATE! Well, it wouldn’t be a week of my spending without this little addiction coming into play. Once a week we take it in turns to produce a ‘Friday Treat’ in our office so I bought a selection of goodies. I also grabbed a few selection packs as little gifts for my niece and nephew. One carrier bag of goodies later, I’d spent £18.00

Total Spend: £47.97


I started work early as I had a hospital appointment mid-morning for a 24hour ECG, however despite the fact, I was only there 15 minutes being fitted up, it cost me £3.00 in parking.

In the evening I had scheduled a long overdue catch up with my friend, we went to check out a venue in Northampton called ‘The Smoke Pit’ and I had the BEST burger I’ve tasted in a long time, plus bottomless fizzy drinks. Not at all healthy, but sometimes it’s lovely to just to chat, enjoy a good burger and not worry about rotting my teeth (£17.45).

Total Spend: £20.45


After a terrible nights sleep, I went to work in a bit of a ‘funk’ and I was pretty thankful for some cheery company and the pending weekend (£00.00) the best things in life are free.  

I had to return to the hospital as there’s a £1,500 charge for not returning the ECG equipment once the 24hours is up (Why would people do this? Do they not want the results?) so yet another £3.00 on parking.  On my journey home I considered stopping to buy a cake as a gift, then I remembered it would take very little effort to return home and bake, so I did.

Entering The National Lottery and ‘Xmas Party Fund‘ – £3.00

Total Spend: £6.00


Hurrah for the weekend, this was an important date for us as it was the first time celebrating my father in laws’ birthday, without him being here to celebrate with us. Just because people have passed away, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think of them and celebrate. Which was the reason I spent some time on Friday baking cupcakes, so we could mark the occasion. During the day I worked on the blog and I nipped to the gym for a much-needed workout (£5.00).

G and his Brother very kindly split the cost of dinner out that evening, which was lovely, the conversation was happy and the food was delicious. By the way, G and I wore our most ugly Xmas jumpers to lighten the mood, we looked, well…I’m going to admit it, we looked pretty spectacular!

Total Spend: £5.00

Total Weekly Spend: £159.92

Again, I’ve found writing this post really interesting as it’s easy to forget how much the little costs all add up. I don’t buy things like blog themes or external hard drives often, but little costs like food and parking all build up quickly if we don’t keep tabs. You may have noticed, I bring my own lunch almost every day and I rarely buy coffee out, It might sound like a small thing but it’s very easy to spend £10-15 without even noticing.

How about you? What do you find yourself buying on a daily/weekly basis?



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