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What I’m loving lately…

I felt a catch up was well overdue, it’s time to share what’s been going on in my life lately…

Right now I’m loving these chilly winter evenings, we’ve taken to closing the curtains, and hunkering down in front of the fire. It’s like being in our own cosy little world, away from all the hustle and bustle of deadlines, traffic and ‘To Do List’s’. We watched ‘Wonderwoman‘ last week and I have to say, I was impressed and would like to come back as an ‘Amazon’ in my next life, or maybe just for fancy dress?

Winter months mean warm breakfasts are a high priority for me, I love these ‘My Protein – Oats‘ as they make the best pancakes or super thick oatmeal. Talking of pancakes, when you have a spare 10 minutes for a more luxurious breakfast you really should make yourself these pancakes, you’ll thank me after!

Sometimes it’s impossible for me to keep my inner crazy cat lady under wraps, so when I discovered Shein’s collection of cat clothing I was quickly sucked in. I was slightly hesitant about placing an order due to the extremely low prices. If I’m very honest the price is reflected in the quality of the clothing and the sizing does come up small, keep this in mind and size up. However, for fun logo t-shirts and hoodies you really can’t go wrong.

All this shopping for clothing endorsed with cat logos and watching films in front of the fire is hard work, but seriously how important is a good nights sleep? I don’t know about you but I feel like a brand new woman after a solid 8 hours rest.

For me, sleep can be a struggle at times. If I have too much occupying my mind, I’m often spending the night tossing and turning only to wake up exhausted and unable to operate at full efficiency. So, when I was given the chance to try Benenox, I was looking forward to a more restful nights sleep. The first couple of times I used it, there was no difference but after a week I was falling asleep with ease and waking up feeling refreshed. As with all sleep supplements, there’s no ‘one fit’s all’ but I definitely think this is worth a try if you need a bit more of a spring in your step.

You might remember that we were invited to the launch of Turtle Bay in Northampton? Well, we were given the opportunity to return and try out more of the dishes over a leisurely evening meal. Honestly, it was absolutely delicious and my partner and friends really enjoyed the evening, we’ve even returned again since! I made the above vlog to share a little more about our experience, naturally Lily makes an appearance by interrupting me at every possible opportunity. However, you’ll be happy to know, I didn’t take the cat to Turtle Bay, although she might like it!

What’s new with you right now?



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