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What I Learnt In 2015…

*I don’t have to apologize for being happy

During the last 6 months I’ve been the most happy that I’ve felt in many year’s. Actually ‘feeling’ happy is something you can’t fake, you can’t buy and you can’t borrow. Don’t apologize for stages in your life when you feel content and happy, it’s one of the most precious feelings.

*It’s okay to run, just for the love of running

I’m not going to lie, there have been moments during 2015 that I’ve entered races purely for the fact I feel that I *should* be racing and not because I want to race. I realised that when I run, just for the simple fact I want to go out and run, I perform better and enjoy it more. Reasons for running are unique to everyone and no one should feel pressure to run, just run because you enjoy it and feel good whilst running.

*Istanbul left me cold.

I read many reviews about how beautiful and interesting Istanbul is, sadly I left the city of two part’s not feeling that magic. The overall experience was fun as we were with good friends, we took a few boat trips, saw all the monuments and ate at the best places Istanbul had to offer. Would I go again? No

*Buying a home together is one of the most stressful, expensive and rewarding things ever

We started 2015 living in G’s parents spare room, having sold G’s house and desperately hoping to complete on our current home, it was the most sensible choice. Moving back home was extremely hard at the start, we had lived together and on our own previously but it was for the best and I wouldn’t change a thing. The day we completed on our home (after 7 seriously pensive months) was, interesting. Most people start moving in right away, we spent our first evening emptying all the crap she had left into the garage and ripping up the carpets, before returning to Graeme’s parent’s house. After 6 intensive weeks and hours of work, stress, expense, a foot through the ceiling, we finally started moving in and our life together really started.

*Say ‘Yes’ and then think about how you can make it happen…

There has been moments in 2015 when I’ve just said ‘Yes’ or ‘Give me a chance’ and it’s turned out for the best. Of course, no one has success 100% of the time, yet surely it’s good to try and fail than not at all?

*Netflix and Chill

I genuinely thought that ‘Netflix and Chill’ meant you watched a film and chilled out.

Yes, I was mocked by friends when I discovered the real meaning.

*Lily changed our lives

Once we were settled into our home, the agreement was that we could rehome a cat and my heart was set on a Bengal. After a few failed attempts, I found Lily and the day she came home with us was one of the best day’s of 2015. I still remember G’s face when she strolled out of the cat carrier, stretched out her Lepold marked limbs and started exploring her new home. Lily, is not unlike a baby, she howls if we are late for her breakfast (trust me, she knows meal times), requires heaps of undivided attention and sleeps for about 23 hours a day.

*Life begins at 30…

Turning 30 was when all the fun started, I started to shake off some of my little ‘hang up’s’ and became more self accepting. I thought I’d be married, with children and a frumpy wardrobe at 30 – None of that applies, I live in office attire or sportswear, we have a cat and I have G whom I can’t call him a ‘boyfriend’, as we aren’t 16!

*I downloaded and liked, a Justin Bieber song..

Okay, there was two. But that’s the end of that, It won’t happen again – Honest! But what I learnt, is everyone can change! Including Bieber..

Tell me, how was 2015 for you?  What have you learnt during the last 12 months?



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