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What Fitness Means To Me…

It’s hard to believe how much the fitness scene has changed over the past few years.There’s been a complete 360, back in the day there was only a few local race’s were available over the year. If you joined a gym the class choices would be limited to spinning, aerobics, pilates and yoga. Now we have a whole variety of gym’s, classes and events to meet our needs and ever increasing expectations.

Fitness has become more social than ever, these days we book a class and quickly google ‘Womens gym leggings to make sure our personal style is ‘on point’. Fitness is now a chance to catch up with friends, try something new from the constantly evolving trends and push our limits more than ever before.

But what does fitness mean to me?

It’s more than the motivational quotes and fancy new trainers, it’s feeling out of breath but knowing I still have enough in the tank to push on.

It’s adding an extra plate to the barbell, but accepting the moves when simply the bar is enough.

It’s running through the mud, turning to my friend and laughing at our rosy red cheeks and dirt covered trainers. It’s clipping in my ski’s and taking the first turn in the fluffy white snow and exploring what the rest of the piste has to offer…

Freedom: I feel blessed that I have the freedom to lace up my trainers and run, I might not always run long or far, but it sets my soul free. Walking, skiing and my previous love of climbing gave me the chance to explore places in the world I’d have never seen otherwise.

Confidence: There was a time when I felt apprehensive about attending social events, when I felt as if I wasn’t ‘good enough’ and that’s such a terrible waste of energy and emotion. Being active massively increases my confidence, it allows me to find common ground with a whole range of people. If I feel good in my own skin, I can feel more confident in my mind and pushing my abilities.

Peace of mind: I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that at times my mind is a jungle. If I can hit the gym or escape the office for 30 minutes sometimes it’s all I need for improved clarity.

Respect for my body: Can you remember the last time you felt proud of your body, not for what it looks like but how it performs? Yesterday I ran Tough Mudder and I pushed through some of the limits I’d previously set myself and I feel nothing but pride. After a whole week of rest and great food, my body rewarded me with a renewed energy. We need to respect our bodies and listen to what it’s trying to tell us, it’s okay to resist going hard and just go home.

Friendship:  The beauty of fitness increasing in popularity means more people than ever are taking part. From a personal point of view, this has led me to new friendships and I’ve people to share adventures with. A running buddy or a weight lifting partner who’ll encourage you to push limits can make all the difference. As much of a cliché as this sounds, if I know I’m meeting a friend I won’t miss my run/workout and I’ll often enjoy it more due to the company.

What does fitness mean to you?



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