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Trip To Cyprus : Staying Healthy On Holiday

Holidays are so worth the wait, organizing and saving for aren’t they?

If I was going to sum up my latest getaway it would go a little something along these lines:

‘Has white shorts, nakd bar’s and stinky trainers – Will travel’

I love the whole process; packing, buying new clothing, being at the airport sipping overpriced coffee and waiting to board the plane. Or on the other hand loading up the car, switching on the Sat Nav and getting started on the open road (oh who am I kidding? I mean sitting in traffic on the Motorway).

I was really fortunate to be invited to Cyprus with my family for a few enjoyable rest days, I was thrilled at the prospect of winter sun and a little relaxation.

Relaxation? Ahhh that’s something I struggle with.

For the last 5 or so years all my holidays have been about sport – Climbing (back in the day, I’m retired…or just missing a mojo), Walking (in the rain, but with good company and jelly babies) or Skiing (‘No I can’t face forwards down that steep slope, I’m scared and I want my mum’) and therefore faced with a beach I feel all out of my ‘comfort zone’.

It’s the whole ‘staying still’ aspect that I struggle with, I get bored and I need to move about and explore, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking time out (we all need that) but whilst the sun is shining I want to be moving.

When I’m on holiday I like to balance everything out:

*I eat well during the day but enjoy meals out without that guilt factor, what’s the point of taking a relaxing holiday if you can’t relax your eating a little? I never travel without a selection of healthy bar’s and snacks. Ever.

*Yoga : All you need is your self and some space (mentally and physically)

*Chances are I’d go for a smoothie over an icecream.


*I love to wake up early and stretch out with some yoga, or a HIIT workout…


*Walking/running is the perfect holiday workout as you can top up your tan (should you be that way inclined), you can explore and really enjoy the scenery – All whilst staying fit and working up towards your next meal. One of my favourite day’s was completing a 12 mile trek with my dad to find my Grandparents and sister waiting with a picnic (my favourite)


*Holiday’s are a great time to try a new sport, on our last day we walked along the sea cliffs and stopped and chatted to a group who’d come back to shore after a canoeing trip and despite my water sport reservations I must admit I thought it looked fun.

*It’s important to keep in mind that resting your body is as important as pushing your body, which means putting your feet up and reading a book in the sun really IS healthy.


Note: I’m sure I’m just sitting there and thinking about what to eat next, sorry (not sorry) but I do feel that honesty is the very best policy…

I know I’m not writing anything that’ll come as a revelation, I’m not the only one who travels with fitness magazines, nakd bar’s and protein powder and thank goodness for that – Just proving that it is entirely possible to make your holiday work with your lifestyle.

Anyway – Fitness and health is meant to be fun, life is meant to be fun and talking of fun, here are some of the highlights from our trip..

Cyprus Collage

How do you stay fit/healthy on holiday? Is there anything you would add? last question…are you heading away any time soon?



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