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Tis the season to love yourself…


The reason for this post is just to remind people that it’s okay to indulge over this time of year.


It’s good to keep on working out, because it’s fun and you enjoy it and not because a picture told you 25 minutes of running burns a mince pie.

Lift weights because you feel empowered, practice yoga to stay mindful and run to soak up the change in the seasons.

When it comes to eating I very much take the view, if you are going to practice 80/20 then make that 20% something you *really* fancy. Not just something that is there and you feel like eating ‘for the sake of it‘.

Regardless of what you may think, sadly you cannot out run your fork but don’t despair because balance is part of a happy life.

Is your diary becoming full with social event’s? Fantastic – Enjoy them, wear that dress you’ve been holding back and use your favourite perfume. Why wait? Today IS the day..Make a little more effort, accept a compliment and don’t try to bat it away in the truly British way.

Love yourself enough to workout, you only need to set aside a very small amount of time. You are only one workout away from feeling GREAT and you are never too busy, everyone has a spare 10-30 minutes.

Looking for inspiration? Try this…


On the run up to Christmas remember…

Stress and pressure is no good for anyone’s health and well-being! If social media is proving too much, take a well deserved Xmas break! Don’t fret about keeping up with the Jones’s gift wise, buy something thoughtful and show you care.

On Christmas Day – Laugh, walk with the family after lunch and smile at every stranger you see. Don’t just treat yourself with food,allow yourself to indulge in a guilt free sofa nap, whilst wearing that ugly Christmas jumper, naturally.  

How are you planning to enjoy this time of year? What’s the number one seasonal thing you are looking forward to eating? I can’t wait for some time off work and time with my family/friends..



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