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Things To Do Whilst Stuck At Home

Nose at ridiculous houses on Right Move – Seriously, if you’ve not done this before, give it a try as it’s super enjoyable and a great little time-waster.

Clear out your draws – Any opportunity for a spring clean right? Honestly, you’ll feel so much better and orderly as a result.

Try colouring – But, don’t worry if you don’t have a colouring book to hand, you can colour using this application and worry not, it’s free!

Take an online course – I’ve listed some interesting sports and fitness courses here in this post, but that’s not for everyone. Take a quick look at topics that interest you online and find something that captures your imagination.

Have a DIY date night – We finished a bottle of Prosecco, I set up a “Pizza Making Station” and we made and decorated our own pizza. Before demolishing them and crashing out in a mild carb coma on the sofa, good times.

Clear Out Your Social Media – Make it a place that brings you nothing but joy, it shouldn’t be at all toxic and this is your chance to make it a happy place.

Workout – I had to sneak that one in(!) but I promise you that it’s an instant mood boost, seriously! Plus, you can find some inspiration here.

Call someone – Have a catch-up, find out how life is treating them and what’s new in their world right now.

Discover what your mind can do – This application can increase your memory, help your focus and make you think sharper, sounds good to me!

Find a recipe on Pinterest and make it – I’m so guilty of pinning all these tasty looking recipes and never actually making them myself.

Have a DIY pamper evening – Long hot bath, face mask, hair mask, paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, whatever makes you feel better.

Work on your blog – Tidy up old posts, re-shoot pictures, pin everything to Pinterest and create more contents.

Watch some Comedy on YouTube – Laughter makes everything better, true fact

Complete those jobs you’ve been avoiding – I know, it’s not much fun but you’ll feel so much better and satisfied as a result.

Tidy Up Your Garden – Not applicable to everyone, but mow the lawn, sort the weeding and plant some vegetables if you have space. Basically, with this suggestion I’m just listing all the jobs my husband does and I take for granted.

Help Someone – It could be a call, text or just a happy meme. But there are loads of ways we can help others without even leaving our home.

Find The Lily – Don’t hold back, you know that you want to FIND THE LILY

Katie x

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