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Things that keep me awake at night…

I, like most people, am hugely dependant on enough sleep. Add a dash of stress and a generous dollop of anxiety and you’ve got yourself one hell of a cocktail.

Shall we talk about this?

1, Coffee ~ Needs no explanation, on my Doctor’s orders this relationship needs to end. Do you hear me when I say it’s feeling almost impossible to cut ties with this kind of addiction?

2, Lily ~ I love our cat. I mean it, I genuinely love her so very, very much. This does subside when she decides that my head, back, legs or chest are suitable places to sleep/jump on/pad, key times for activity are 1 am and 4 am respectively.

3, Did I lock the front door? ~ Did I alarm and lock the office? Or was I not last to leave? *Gets up and checks front door is locked*

4, Wedding Planning ~ ‘I’m going to fall over’, ‘Will I still fit in my dress?’, ‘What if my dress needs alterations?’, ‘Will everyone turn up on time?’.

5, Will, I wake up on time? ~ What should I do in the gym if I don’t fancy a run? Should I go for HIIT and weights? Heavy and fewer reps or low and high reps? Shall I sleep in instead?

6, Too much sugar ~ That draw in our kitchen which is devoted to my sugar addiction seemed like such a good idea at the time, for your information, that time wasn’t 1 am when I am wide awake.

7, My Inability to let shit go ~ Simples.

8, I’m super excited ~ We’re going on holiday/to an exciting event/out for breakfast etc etc

9, I.Can’t.Get.The.Right.Temperature ~  I’m wearing too many layers, I’m cold, I need my socks, I need to remove my socks and so on.

10, Worrying about everything ~ That I have complete inability to control and won’t matter in a weeks time.

Tell me, am I alone with this? What keeps you awake at night?



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