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The Weekend Edit

Are you excited about the long weekend?

Did you wake up thinking it was Sunday only to feel overjoyed it’s actually only Saturday? Or are you one of those folk’s whom are working? Have you eaten all the chocolate?

I don’t bother with ‘Hello‘ or ‘How are you?’ any more, I feel it’s almost overrated when there’s so many questions to be asked…

Here’s a little round up of posts, idea’s and recipes to make bank holiday a little sweeter..

Blog Happy

*I recently started taking weekly notes of my page views, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook following. I noticed a progressive increase in the numbers when I increased my interaction, it all sound’s pretty straightforward but it can be easier said than done. For busy folk I cannot recommend ‘Hootsuite‘ enough and ‘Facebook‘ has it’s own page scheduler which really does help with the work/blog/life balance.

*On a similar note – Lipgloss and Lashes has rounded up some free Blog Planner Printables..

*Is your Instagram Game STRONG?  Here’s an interesting article on the interesting fact some company’s feel that having a blog is less important than a strong Instragam influence.

*New guidelines for Bloggers via Google, it’s important to be really clear and fair to your readers, a one line discloser only takes a minute.

* A great flat lay is something that always catches my eye, read 5 top tips from Vogue


*If you feel like you’ve had too much chocolate maybe these Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies With Peanut Butter Filling would hit the spot?

*I made a variation of this recipe yesterday and it was so good esp if you are craving Millionaires shortbread

*Lemon and Chicken make such a great pairing and I love this lemon roast chicken with freekeh salad recipe

*Ella has created a recipe for Zesty Easter Scones, which reminds me I really need to bake a batch of scones..

*Can’t get enough of the good stuff? Here’s a round up of 4 drool worthy desserts to try this Easter.


*Why do people feel it’s acceptable to heckle runners? Fiona is certainly worth a second glance but don’t heckle her or anyone else, we are not cat’s..

*No gym membership? No problem – I wrote a post for Squibb Vicious about how to stay fit without a gym

*I quit dieting and I’ve felt absolutely wonderful whilst enjoying all food groups over the last couple of week’s. If you missed this blog it was also featured on the Huffington Post or you can just scroll down..

*Only 15 minutes to spare> Try this workout from Pumps & Iron 

Have you come across anything worth reading during the last week? Feel free to share..



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