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The Primal Pantry Review


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a seriously big fan of portable food. I’m known amongst my friends as the person who’ll almost definitely have snacks, I simply cannot risk being caught without a handy snack.

Snacking has changed for the better, we have access to more healthy and balanced choices than ever before and I’m all for that kind of change.

Let me introduce you to The Primal Pantry, these tasty bars are the brainchild of Nutritionist Susie Walker. Who took to her kitchen and started creating bar’s with simple, wholesome ingredients as she was struggling to find snacks without the addition of grains, refined sugars, soy and overly processed vegetable oils.


*The Cocoa Orange Paleo Protein Bar is one of the best protein bars I’ve tasted and the macros are perfect.

*All The Primal Pantry bars are vegan and free from gluten, grains and dairy.

*I’m very much an advocate of counting chemicals over calories, but if you are watching your calorie intake you’ll be pleased that these bars will still be totally suitable for you.

*There’s a flavour combination for everyone: from ‘Brazil Nut and Cherry‘ to ‘Coconut and Macadamia‘ and ‘Hazelnut and Cocoa‘.

*The taster box is only £9.99 (with free postage) so there’s no excuse, you simply must try them all and find your favourite.

You can buy The Primal Pantry bars from most supermarkets and health shops.

You can follow The Primal Pantry on InstagramFacebookTwitter

Have you ever tried The Primal Pantry bars before? Which one is your favourite?



Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these bars for review, however, all opinions and taste testing is my own.

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