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The Lazy Girls Guide To Fitness

I’ll share a secret with you, sometimes I’m a really lazy person, and I love “easy options” and if there’s ever a quicker, low key way of achieving something? I want to know. But, sadly life isn’t always easy and neither is fitness, but I’ve popped together a few ideas on how you can move a little more, without losing touch with your inner lazy girl groove.

Go For A Long Walk (With Your Coffee Buddy) – Okay, so weekly coffee dates are great but why not grab a coffee and spend an hour walking, talking and catching up? Not only are you working out, but you also won’t actually realise it, I’ll call that a WIN.

Stand, Don’t Sit – I’ve previously written about standing desks and they can actually make a huge improvement to your overall wellbeing.

Aim for 15 Minutes Each Day – It’s easy to use lack of time as an excuse, that’s fine my friend, but everyone has 15 minutes spare. You can walk, run, take on a HIIT workout or relax with some Yoga.

Reward yourself – This can be anything, for example, a new gym top, or putting aside £2 for each workout and spending it on a manicure after 30 days. Get creative, if there’s something in it for you, then chances are you’ll keep at it.

Workout whilst watching the TV – Can you imagine? You can keep up your TV addiction and workout? Here are 43 workouts that allow you to watch an ungodly amount of TV.

Have sex – I’m not even going to sell the concept to you, come-on if you’re not enthusiastic about this kind of workout, you’re not doing it right.

Workout at home – You can use YouTube, DVDs, Instagram or even buy a Kettlebell, Dumbbells, etc and create your own routine. You’re less likely to make excuses if you don’t have to travel anywhere, pay out money or even get dressed.

Set a goal with a buddy – Then motivate each other, come-on you don’t want to be the one who lets the team down right? I find that having active friends and us all working towards our goals really encourages me. I might not be the fittest, but I will always join in and by supporting each other, we are stronger as a result.

Katie x

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