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The Joy Of Missing Out

Throughout this ever-evolving journey, we call life, I’m forever learning what’s right for me and my well-being. I’m gradually working out the rules when it comes to saying YES and when to say NO. Of course, I make mistakes and I don’t always learn from them. But, on the other hand, isn’t that what this journey we call life is all about?

With this in mind, I want to talk about The Joy Of Missing Out which is a concept I’d previously struggled with, running ragged trying to keep up with everything. I was endlessly fearful that I’d miss out on something really exciting, a once in a lifetime opportunity or a thrilling conversation. Then, as a result, I’d end up somewhere I didn’t want to be, trying to create bonds with people I didn’t actually care for.

Our fear of missing out has so many detrimental effects on our well-being and health. It causes physical burn out, increased anxiety, financial woes and lack of sleep. Isn’t it curious that by typing just one sentence, I’ve almost talked myself into hibernation? Yet, with a small amount of work and a hefty dollop of consideration. It’s entirely possible to balance the joy of missing out. Plus, at the same time make a healthy amount of time for what matters and the moments we don’t want to miss.

As part of my mission to embrace the Joy Of Missing Out, I decided that I would only attend events and networking options that truly served me. In simple terms, I’d ask myself the following:

*Does this benefit me and/or my business?

*Can I see myself forming a genuine connection/friendship with someone as a result of this event?

*Am I going out for the sake of going out? Or could I spend my money/time elsewhere?

On the contrary, when it comes to my friendship group, I’m far less likely to say “No”. Because spending time with people who are important to me, is a priority. That’s not to say that sometimes, I’ll have to learn to put myself first and understand that I can’t be at every event, sometimes I just need to recharge. There’s little point in being the burnt-out friend, I’m not desirable company when my social batteries run out.

Everywhere we turn, we are constantly encouraged to experience as much as possible, for as long as possible, in as many ways as possible. Svend Brinkmann

I started to question, do I really need excess? Yet, I firmly believe in experiencing as much as possible, I’m fearful of missing an opportunity. But still, on the contrary, I could be missing a chance to re-tune in with myself and focusing on something more important in the future. After all, as a result of doing too much, the quality often reduces – Do I want to be like a mass-produced garment?

Everywhere we scream from the tops of our voices “Be the best, you didn’t wake up today to be average” and I get it, dam I even say that to myself. On reflection, there are times when it’s nice to just be average and not pack my Instagram stories with “Exciting adventures”, maybe I’ll just eat cereal and watch everyone else pretend to have fun. Because, if I’m going to have a great time, it’s going to be authentic, otherwise, I’ll just be somewhere else, embracing The Joy Of Missing Out.

Katie x

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