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The Crazy Bear Experience

I’m back to reality with a huge bump!

G whisked me off for a fabulous mini break and I felt absolutely spoilt rotten, it was so exciting to escape from the real world for 48 hours. Every single holiday I’ve had for the last 4 years has involved extreme sport or some sport rather than just strolling around and indulging in rich food.

My treat involved an overnight stay in the ‘Crazy Bear Hotel’ with champagne afternoon tea and breakfast…

…I felt like I’d fallen down the rabbit hole because it was a whole crazy new world!

When I think of the Crazy Bear Hotel a few choice words come to mind…’Opulent’, ‘Fancy’, ‘Extravagant’, Glitzy’..

Imagine a ‘The Only Way Is Essex’meets ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’décor but throw in truly excellent afternoon tea and I was in wonderland..

I’m always about the food

There I was, trying to take in the glitz and sparkle, whilst giggling with my blue eyed boy and attempting to remain ladylike, which is a challenge when my cake radar was in over drive and I was red lining towards a crazed sugar high.

I can report that the scones where perfect, a crispy shell enclosing a fluffy centre smothered in thick cream and jam. Brownie so rich you needed a fork, home made carrot cake and they even accommodated my vegetarian diet with a scrummy mix of sandwiches. I’m very much of the view that if I’m going to eat a really indulgent meal I want it to be the best quality food possible, a freshly made meal can be hard to beat.

The sparkle continued in the room with lots of velvet, satin and gold not forgetting the sprinkle of glitz. 

In true Katie fashion I did head butt the mirrored wall in a state of confusion after breakfast, never mind the wall is fine. Honest…

We spent Monday afternoon walking around Windsor which was absolutely stunning and very relaxing and then yesterday we just had to sneak some Cambridge style shopping in, once a addict, always a addict!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post – We stayed at Crazy Bear Beaconsfield and you can find all the details of the hotel *Here*

Juneathon Day 19

Gosh wasn’t it muggy today? Calm before a huge storm?

I took myself on a lovely 4mile run in 39mins and I really enjoyed just not worrying about the time and allowing my mind to relax.

When I got back I thought ‘I won’t get any better unless I change up my training’…So I spent some time on hills, just jogging/walking up and running back down. I know I won’t beat my ‘hill phobia‘ unless I really work hard on the hills and they are pretty short and sweet around here. I was quite surprised to read I’d covered a mile, it may appear time fly s when you’re working on hills…

Or something like that..

Stay Bright Everyone! 



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