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The Best Nutella Ever…

I do realise that the title of this blog post will leave some of you with very high expectations.

Just trust me, this Nutella lives up to it’s bold title.

It feels a little like chocolate overload on the blog right now, I shared a new Brownie recipe last week and now I’m day dreaming about spoonful’s of this Nutella whilst I’m typing.

The chocolate mind set is happy and contented – You do know what I’m saying makes perfect sense right? Chocolate = Happy & Nutella = Happy for everyone!

 Talking of mind sets, I’m sure many other bloggers feel like this at times but I feel so behind, I have so many new posts to read from bloggers I love and a camera loaded with pictures for future posts and a mind loaded with recipes I want to share.

 Any way yesterday I read a tweet that said ‘You can’t make everyone happy, you aren’t Nutella’ and that brings me back to topic…

I’ve tried lot’s of different Nutella recipes over the years and this is a mix of a few recipes I’ve tried and enjoyed, the dates add a natural sweetness and the protein powder makes this super thick but less likely to spike a sugar high. I love ‘real‘ Nutella but the original is so so packed with sugar and I could never stop at one spoonful, I should also add that I cannot stop at one spoonful of this….

Nutella addiction is a real addiction and should be taken seriously; so do keep in mind that this only takes 10 minutes to whip up, the ingredients are pretty store cupboard friendly and it keep’s in the fridge for up to a month, but trust me when I say it won’t last that long.


170g Dates (I use mejool dates as they are the most sticky)

170g Hazelnuts

1 Tablespoon of cocopowder

1 Teaspoon honey/agave

30g Chocolate protein powder

50ml Nut Milk

Calco nibs (optional)


Start by placing your hazelnuts into your processor/blender and pulse until a fine powder forms, then add in the dates and pulse again a few times. Now add in the cocoa powder, honey, protein powder and nut milk and pulse again until everything is combined and a thick creamy Nutella has formed.

Scrape down the sides of your processor/blender with a spatula transfer to a jar and enjoy right away.

Have you ever made your own Nutella before? Have you seen that ‘Selfridge’s’ are offering personalised Nutella jars? I think making it yourself is far more personal but I’m biased..



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