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Thanks, but I don’t want to come – Tips on to how to decline a night out.

Every Friday talk turns to weekend plans, I’m often here, there and everywhere getting on with my jobs, but one of my biggest pleasures is the quiet time at home.

Well, if I’m honest I didn’t really expect myself to be rushing home on a Friday night, keen to slip into something more comfortable, aka my joggers and settling on the sofa. But hey, here I am.

I’m so very thankful that my days of going out to clubs is well and truly over, with a little nudge in the right direction and good company I can handle heading out to a pub every once in a while. There’s nothing worse than being stuck at a party when you don’t really know anyone and just want to go home and maybe have a hardcore cup of mint tea and a sit down when you get there.

My ideal social events are dinner with friends, coffee catch ups, making the time for a social walk, brunch or taking part in an activity.

When I got rid of all my ‘Party Dresses’ I felt relief that I was free from that part of my life, that I could finally move forward with being who I really am, flaws and all. I suppose, it’s a bit like saying ‘thanks so much for inviting me to the disco, but I don’t want to come’ and ‘yes, I am boring – Dinner next week?’ I want to have a conversation, I want to hear what’s new in your life and celebrate the highs, without feeling unable to function the following morning.

I remember the hangovers, the dancing until dawn, crippling my feet in my highest heels and spending the last of my change on a Big Mac Meal, which tasted so good at 3 am. Things change, they have to so that we can become different people, I don’t own many pairs of high heels but I do have the most comfortable pyjamas. I know what matters most to me.

There are days when I don’t feel like going out at all, regardless of the event or time. Day’s when it feels like my shoes are made of stone and G has to drag me out the door, I often feel better once I’m out. On the other hand, when the clock strikes 9 pm or If I’m having a bad mental health day, only somewhere cosy and a huge gooey piece of chocolate cake is the only way someone will sway my mood.

If ever feel in a hard place about how to politely say no to a night out, try these:

“I’d love to come, but this has been an extremely busy week for me – Could we schedule a coffee and cake meet next week instead?'”

“What a kind offer―thank you. I have already made plans this weekend, I hope you have a fantastic time”

“I really appreciate the offer, but I’m taking the night off. I’m in great need of some quiet time. I hope you understand!”

Whats your idea of a good night out?



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