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Sweaty Betty Live 2017

I make no secret of the fact I’m a huge Sweaty Betty fan, so when I heard about Sweaty Betty Live? I was at the front of the queue to grab myself a ticket.

We joined the queue, I looked around, these were my people…smiley, sweaty betty clad ladies, clutching coffees, rucksacks slung over shoulders and deep in conversation.

So, to fill you in – Sweaty Betty Live was a one-day event based in Holburn, London with 3-time slots of ‘Morning‘, ‘Afternoon’ and ‘Evening’.  Allowing fitness, food and sportswear fans to join a 30-minute class and/or talk covering various topics. After attending ‘Be : Fit’ and ‘Body Power’ in 2016 and feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the experience, I was curious what this event would have to offer.

As we entered the building I was thankful for a map, as the layout was confusing and not at all intuitive, I think this was more down to the venue and not the event its self.  Music blasted, ‘crew‘ were easy to spot in the uniform of Tokyo Blooms leggings and ‘I am a Sweaty Betty Vest’. I understand the objective was to make everyone easy to distinguish and to promote the leggings, however, I felt it would have been fun to see a variation.

Popular questions from the day“Was there a sale? What did you buy?”

Friends, I bought nothing.

Well, I bought some lunch and champagne after the event but, that’s just standard, isn’t it? There was 20% off but the only thing that I wanted was the ‘No Pain No Champagne’ vest and it wasn’t available to buy. Are you seeing a pattern here? I don’t have a problem, honest!

Attention: This is my inner pig speaking, I was disappointed that I didn’t grab a piece of toasted sourdough smothered in pip’n’nut.

Whilst there was a good selection of food, it was primarily based on sweet foods and there was only one savory option for lunch. The placement of the food vendors was thoughtless as they were so very closely bundled together. which led to huge queues and leaving us no real chance to properly take in the choices on offer.

Almost too pretty to eat, so I didn’t buy myself a piece, again on reflection, this was yet another error on my part.

On the subject of food; we listened to an interview with Rosemary Ferguson who is a model turned nutritionist. I’m thankful I didn’t know about her background before I booked the talk, otherwise, I think I might have been assuming about the type of person she was. Just a quick glance of her Instagram displays pictures of juice, alongside selfies with Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Sadie Frost. But the reality is she was very down to earth and made sensible comments about nutrition. My only disappointment was there wasn’t enough time for more people to ask questions after the interview.

After a sweaty HIIT session hosted by ‘1 Rebel’, we joined the queue to connect with our inner 5-year-olds and have our hair braided. I don’t know about you, but I love having my hair in tight braids, it makes me feel so fierce and I wish I could braid my hair at home.

Once our hair had been braided it was time for us to leave, so we scooped up our goodie bags, which were a highlight. I have to be honest, I’m a huge lover of goodie bags and I’m not ashamed to admit it, weren’t they the best part of birthday parties?

Did you attend Sweaty Betty Live? What were your thoughts?



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