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Summer Gym Playlist 2018

I’m obsessed with Music, for example when I consider that 20 years ago the vast amount of music available at my fingertips was a distant and incredible dream, I now fear a world without being able to stream whatever/whenever I want. It’s strange how I’ve formed such a serious dependency on something so very new.

Gym Summer Playlist

I may not be able to sing, dance or hold a beat, but I can remember a lyric, I can remember a title and almost always a feeling that song gives me. In some ways it’s the most beautiful escape, when I’m having a bad mental health day I love nothing more than putting my headphones on, blasting out the world and just focusing on the music.

Whilst I try to avoid running outside with headphones on, mainly due to the fact I need to be fully aware of my surroundings, the idea of going to the gym without my headphones horrifies me. I don’t fear communication (well, maybe a little) but more the fact I won’t be able to dive into my own little world, with the songs I love pushing me along the way.

Apparently, we are what we listen too…

But I don’t think that’s true, or is it? I listen to such a vast amount of genres spread across the years. From hearing Kate Bush after 25 years and suddenly understanding the beauty and emotion behind ‘Wuthering Heights’, to dancing (in my own creative way) to Calvin Harris and remembering finally seeing The Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. I’m going through what I’d consider a ‘dance’ phase right now, I do firmly feel that the 80/90’s was an amazing era for great dance music, finally, it’s coming back and I’ve fallen in love all over again.

Here’s my current gym playlist, this should cover you for an hour with a slow build up, up tempo center and relaxing cool down…

Summer Gym Playlist 2018

Or if you use Spotify you can grab the playlist directly below…

What’s on your playlist right now?



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