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Spring Style : Get The Label

A few weeks ago I saw a glimpse of sun, so I did what every other self-respecting Brit does and got sunburnt whilst running in a racer back vest. I then ate sandwiches in the sun, because I think picnics really do matter.

Anyway, moving on…

I was recently contacted by ‘Get the label‘ to see if I wanted to review some sportswear, so as you can guess I didn’t hesitate for a single second before saying yes!

Who are ‘Get the label‘? you ask? Well, this site welcomes you into a world full of the same well-known labels at significantly lower prices. The good thing is, even though the prices are lower, the style and product range is far from disappointing, I think the trickiest part was working out what to choose.

Eventually, I settled on a couple of pieces from Reebok, primarily because I loved the design and I’d been enthralled by their ‘Be More Human’ advert which I’d seen a couple of weeks before.

I’d never actually worn Reebok clothing before, I was curious how the products would hold up in comparison to other ‘household name‘ brands. I’ve spent the last few weeks putting the clothing to the test, I wore my new vest top during a ‘Wolf Run‘ and anyone that’s ever taken part in an obstacle run will understand how demanding this can be on your clothing. Sure the Capri’s are bold, but I wanted to make a statement and I enjoy wearing colourful leggings, stare if you wish…

It’s worth noting that the sizing of Reebok is generous, I opted for a small and as a large size 10 and I felt that the fit was perfect. The capris don’t slip and they also do not go see-thru, thankfully! Saying that it’s worth noting that I’ve washed them a few times and I can tell that due to the bright colours these may fade if they are worn/washed often.

When I review clothing websites, I love to share a selection of other pieces which caught my eye, as I understand that we all have our own unique style. The wonderful thing about ‘Get the label’ is that you can piece together an outfit from Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Asics or Elle sport (to name a few!) including some pieces at under £10.00.

  1. Reebok Crossfit Top 

  2.  Reebok One Series Capri’s 

  3.  Asics Women’s Flex Tank

  4. Asics Running Tights 

  5.  Adidas Climalite Vest

  6. Adidas Tech Fit Shorts

So tell me, have you ever shopped at ‘Get the label‘ before? What’s on your summer sportswear shopping list?



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