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Spa Experience, By Better – Waltham Forrest, Essex – Review

I can’t remember the last time I visited a spa, there’s something so wonderfully indulgent about treating yourself to a day of pampering and relaxation. With this in mind, when I was given the opportunity to try the new ‘Gelish nails‘ at Spa Experience by Better‘, I bolted on a massage and made the choice to enjoy myself and focus on me for the day.

After a hellish journey, I was welcomed into the mini sanctuary that is ‘Spa Experience’, I was handed a gorgeous, soft, fluffy grey dressing down and was directed to the relaxation lounge. I grabbed myself a herbal tea from the generous selection and attempted to settle down and unwind after my journey. Before I knew it, I was being whisked away from my softly lit cocoon as it was time for my treatment.

A few moments prior to my nails being transformed, I tore into a plate of buttery pastries and spent a few minutes chatting with my therapist, carbs and conversation are some of my favourite things.

We chose a dark red for my short nails, which I felt was festive and stylish, I haven’t had my nails painted in such a long time and gelish suits my active lifestyle perfectly. A wonderful plus point of gelish nails is, as a result of them looking so nice, I’ve not chewed my nails and I now have the longest nails I’ve had in months – The joy!

When it was time for my massage, the lovely ladies at reception had rescheduled my appointment so I could have one treatment after another, a small but helpful gesture that I thoroughly appreciated.

When the massage started, my mind felt that this was the ideal time to switch up a gear and head into the glorious mess that is often known as ‘overdrive‘. Talk about firing on all cylinders, I was thinking about blogging, about my journey home, my car and my day job. Amazing, I was clearly nailing this whole relaxation business.

Even the delight that was the heated massage bed couldn’t ease my stresses, although the therapist did try hard to work out the tense muscles in my back. After my treatments, I then retreated to the sauna and steam room to spend a tranquil 30 minutes actually switching off (finally) and preparing to battle my journey home.

Once I got home, I grabbed my gym kit and whizzed out again to meet G and attempt to balance out my day travelling. As strange as it might sound, sometimes the gym is just as relaxing as a spa, maybe I shouldn’t admit that? Is it just me?

How do you feel about spa days? Can you relax?



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Spa Experience, By Better

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