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Snack Ideas – That Aren’t Boring…

My life revolves around what I’m going to eat next when planning my meals I always make time to include snack’s, just a little something to tide me over. Saying that it’s worth making snack time something to look forward too but the same ole fruit, nuts, and vegetables don’t always cut it. I believe in enjoying a little of what you fancy, that might be cheese, crackers, and grapes or a slice of flapjack, or 6 squares of chocolate?

When it comes to keeping my diet varied, I’m always looking for new meal/snack inspiration and this feels like a great opportunity to share some of my current favorites with you.


*My current ‘Grab and Go snack is cheese or salt and vinegar rice cakes, they are portable, relativity healthy and rather tasty. Top with hummus and you’ve put together something that’ll give you a sustained energy for the afternoon.

*Eggs – There are so many options, you can boil a couple of eggs and team with spinach and soya beans for the perfect ‘protein pot’. Or my current favorite is a couple of scrambled eggs, with ham, peas and a sprinkle of cheese.

*Chicken and/or Tofu skewers are ideal for a post-workout snack, add your favorite veggies, season, roast and voila!

*Cheese and pineapple, I know it’s a classic children’s party snack but the coupling is simply delicious – Add parma ham too, for an additional salty, protein hit.


*Popcorn, this is a popular choice, yet for a very good reason and it’s perfect with a few squares of chocolate and fruit.

*Homemade energy bites are great for batch making on a budget and you can add whatever you fancy. I’m currently enjoying my cashew and cinnamon energy bites, trust me, they are addictive.

*For a pre-workout boost, add nut butter to dates or prunes, simple and seriously tasty. My top tip would be adding almond butter to the center of dates, freezing and grabbing on the go, they taste like salted caramels.


I hope that this has given you some inspiration, for more ideas you can check out this post from Qlu on how to attack snack time when the cravings hit.

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What are your favorite snacks right now?



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