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Smarter Health Care – With Samsung & Babylon

It’s a well-known fact that more people than ever are focusing on better health, however, what about those days when you genuinely don’t feel well? Not the lack of sleep, I need to eat more greens kind of feeling unwell. I’m talking about when you have a headache that won’t go away for days, or unexpected stomach pain or even a poorly child.

Whilst in some cases you can hold on and arrange an appointment with your GP or even have a chat with your local pharmacist, sometimes you need expert advice outside of working hours. That’s where the revolutionary new Babylon – Ask An Expert health application comes into play. Babylon and Samsung have partnered up to create an application which encourages better health in EVERY element of your life and when you need expert advice, or to speak to a GP, this is now accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“You can book video appointments with certified doctors 24/7 to obtain medical advice and manage prescriptions, or check symptoms and receive triage information about physical health, common ailments and possible symptoms straight to your device.”

Rather than waiting a week for an appointment with your local GP, expert advice is now at your finger-tips, which means that you can check in and seek advice regardless of where you are. For example; during a lunch break, whilst your at home or even on holiday, which can be essential with language barriers whilst traveling.

There are two options:

Firstly, you can check your symptoms with the ‘Medical Chatbot’ which is ideal for when you need a little advice:

Secondly, you can also schedule a live video consultation with a Doctor, which is ideal if you need more detailed advice. During most appointments with your GP, an examination won’t be needed, therefore being able to have a video consultation as a time that suits you is an incredible innovation.

For the past few months, I’ve been using my Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, alongside the Samsung Health Application on my Samsung S9+ and I can say with absolute confidence that I won’t be looking back. Not only is the Andriod application user-friendly, it’s supported me in my mission to make a return to running, my new found love for swimming and of course, capturing the moments that matter for Instagram. Whilst all this technology works in perfect harmony together, I’m happy to report that anyone* with an Andriod phone can use the Samsung Health Application’.  Even if you just download the application to use ‘Experts’, track food and keep up to date with the latest articles in health and fitness in the ‘Discover’ section.


Would a Video call with a Doctor be something you’d consider? Do you ever take a moment to stop and think ‘My goodness, hasn’t technology come a long way?’  I know I certainly do.



*This application might not work with older phone models. 

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