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Self Care Sunday

I can’t remember the last time I made time for me.

Not in the way of say, going for a massage and forcing myself to try and relax at a spa, which only leads to me spending the entire time being self-aware. Or even just taking a long hot bath with a book and some good chocolate.


I mean by completely letting myself relax, by not caring what I ate, by snuggling on the sofa under blankets accompanied by the cat and good music. I was meant to be working, but I slipped and fell into a Pinterest provoked daydream, allowing my mind to wander and think about adventures, sparkling shoes and fresh roses.

I have to ask you when was the last time you allowed yourself to read in bed? Not as a way to get to sleep, but as a way to completely shut off the world.

Or wore your favourite lingerie under the comfiest casuals and warmest socks you own?

When was the last time you took yourself on a walk, not to burn calories or reach a daily step goal, but to unwind and enjoy the fresh air? Slowly, peacefully.

How about speaking up? Sometimes I forget to talk about how I really feel, sometimes when I allow myself to ‘let it all out’ I find it’s the most simple and therapeutic source of self-care.

Maybe once a week we should quiet the voice which is asking us to do more?

Remember, if you want to fly, then you need to give up everything that weighs you down.

Comfort can be found in many places, an older jumper, digging out an album you’ve not heard in years, watching your favourite box set whilst eating a hearty pudding. Even just holding a warm mug of tea whilst watching the world pass you by…

Whenever I have a stream of negative thoughts, which is daily I’m learning to remember the following:

*Is it true?

*Will this matter in a week? Or a day?

*Where does this steam from and how can I sort it?

My mission is to find a more peaceful mind, one self-care Sunday at a time.



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