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Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro – Sports watch meets Smart Watch

If was I was to describe my relationship with fitness trackers in one word, I’d choose ‘complicated‘. I’d become sick and tired of the unpredictable readings, alongside the troubled times when I felt controlled by my daily statistics. Not to mention my frustration of having to change between two watches as my previous sports watch had no built-in GPS.

Then it all changed, Samsung kindly provided me with the Gear Fit 2 Pro, If I was to describe this watch in 3 words? I’d have no hesitation in calling it ‘The-Game-Changer’ let me tell you why…

The look and feel…

When it comes to design, my primary requirement is a watch that isn’t cumbersome, therefore I have a preference for a slim design and changeable straps is a must-have. The reason why a changeable strap sits high on my list is due to my requirement for a watch that can fit every element of my life, from meetings to the gym. Fortunately, the Samsung’s unfussy design fits my requirements perfectly, with the additional benefit of it being suitable for both male and female wearers.

Set up and software…

Setting up the Gear Fit 2 Pro is extremely straightforward, simply charge the device (there’s a USB/Plug Charger) and download the free ‘Samsung Health‘ software from the Google Play Store. Follow the prompts on your phone/watch and within 10 minutes you should be more than ready to go. If you’re looking for a more detailed set up I recommend watching the video here.

GPS, Running, Walking, Swimming and Cycling – All on one device…

Nothing says ‘serious’ like wearing two sports watches right? Well, actually in my opinion, isn’t it better to wear the watch that covers everything?

I’d become frustrated with having to charge my GPS running watch when I was already wearing a fitness tracker, so on the discovery that my Gear Fit 2 Pro has built-in GPS, it’s fair to say that my other watch will be collecting dust. There are options such as ‘Pacesetter‘, ‘Duration‘, ‘Distance‘ and ‘Calorie Burn’ which gives you the freedom to set a customizable target according to your requirements. Not to mention, little extras such as ‘Auto Pause’ which despite the fact I have mixed emotions about the auto pause, there’s no denying it’s a helpful addition.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred Devito

A little competition is healthy, so knowing there’s an option to compete with and/or encourage friends along the way can only be a good thing – Afterall, we’re better together!

I’m about to start training for my first ever open water swim, fortunately for me, Speedo and Samsung have teamed up to create the swimming training app called Speedo On. “Speedo On helps you track, analyze and improve your swimming, and includes training plans to suit any swimming ability’.This means that I can track my workouts whilst training, which is really important to me as I’m a novice swimmer, with a tendency to lose count of my laps.

For those of you who require some motivation in the form of music, I’m very happy to advise that Spotify is fully compatible with this device. This revelation means you won’t have to keep grabbing your phone to change track and wireless headphones mean that the whole process of listening to music whilst working out is now slicker than ever.

Lifestyle, Steps, Nutrition and Overal Health…

It has been statistically proven that most people will buy a sports watch to improve overall health and well being, but by choosing a smartwatch, you’ll be making more of a lifestyle choice. There are many options such as monitoring your water and caffeine intake, notifications of e-mails on the go and benefits such as a gentle nudge when it’s time to get up and move.

From a weight loss perspective, the Gear Fit 2 Pro has been a bit of a revelation for me, if only for the simple reason it appears to have a significantly more accurate calorie estimate than any other watch I’ve used. In simple terms, estimating how much energy we genuinely burn on a daily basis is a hugely scientific process. For years, fitness trackers have given reading’s that have been considered higher than applicable and the Gear Fit 2 Pro has provided me with what I’d consider a more realistic number.

The Samsung Health application has the facility for you to track your daily food intake and fitness, alongside additional extras such as the exciting new Ask An Expert‘ service, which I shall be reviewing in the next few weeks.

Would I recommend the Gear Fit 2 Pro?

In a word, Yes! I’m now wearing the watch on a daily basis and it fulfills all of my sporting needs, including giving me a nudge when I’ve spent too long sitting the on the sofa!

I hope you’ve found this helpful, feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions?



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