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Running Stylishly In Nike Air Zoom

Whenever I talk about running, I often hear from none runners ‘I can’t run’ but I think running can be for everyone, well apart from my Grandma, I’m not sure she wants to start entering half marathons…

I think a large part of the problem is that most people think ‘Okay, I’ll try running’ and run flat out for a few minutes and burn out. It’s a natural sport for some of us and a slow, uphill plod for others and that’s just fine. Unless you are an elite, there’s little point in beating yourself up on day’s it just doesn’t go to plan, each mile matters, regardless of how long it takes you to complete it.

There are days when running is hard, yet we shouldn’t forget that anything worth having is often worth that extra push, or in this case, worth going the extra mile. Running slowly will always trump not going running at all, the same applies if you have to run/walk, and sometimes it’s just part of the journey.

Sometimes it’s about the day’s when you run faster, your heart races, adrenaline flows through you and in that moment, you feel invincible.

For me, happy running is about not caring about what other people do or think unless we’re training together. We all run for different reasons and enjoy different distances and terrains, young or old, fast or steady, we’re all brought together by the mutual love of running.

I’ve been through stages when I run races often, then times when I only ‘race’ once a year, sometimes I like to attend Park Run, sometimes I like to lay in bed. I think the same applies with pace, you aren’t a ‘great runner‘ if you run fast or a ‘bad runner’ if you enjoy running slow unless you want to make it competitive there’s no wrong or right.

There are times I think, give a girl (or guy) the right pair of shoes, mix with a positive mental attitude and we really can do anything.

When I saw these trainers I fell in love, it was a whole new kind of lust, I wanted to be the woman in the colourful Nikes, and I wanted to take them on adventures.

Trainers should be comfortable, practical for the terrain you’re covering and suitable for your running gait. If they can complement your personal style, alongside all of the above? You’re on to a winner!

These Nikes aren’t just stylish, they have a honeycomb (oooooh, honeycomb) outsole pattern which improves traction and the dynamic fit technology mean’s they’re ideal for short and long distances. Personally, I felt the lightweight aspect of the shoe meant that they were best for shorter runs and road based terrain, I’ve also found them comfortable running on the treadmill and HIIT training.

I don’t know about you, but I find adding a new pair of trainers to my collection is such a huge thrill and I honestly favour wearing trainers over heels.  Thanks to the slick design, these were ideal to wear for lunch after my workout, which saved on space and kept me comfortable whilst shopping (not just running…).

Wearing the right shoes for you and your foot gait should be a priority, alongside a correctly fitted sports bra and then add in some funky leggings or shorts and you can glide through the miles.

These Nikes were kindly sent to me by the wonderful folk at John Lewis – Yes, really! They have a whole treasure trove of trainers, sportswear and sports equipment.

Do you prefer trainers to heels? Which brand are your trainers of choice?



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