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Running in the dark or sunrise? Run safer with these tips…

A few week’s ago the fella and I where off to the cinema in the evening and on the way we passed as young lady jogging alone in the dark; nothing wrong with this. But firstly I noticed she was holding a good pace and then I noticed no reflective clothing and the fact her outfit was pretty tiny and suddenly she struck me as really rather vulnerable.

The following day I sat down at my desk and my twitter feed linked me to *This article* once I started reading it suddenly dawned on me that I really need to ramp up my own protection whilst out and about.

What the article brought to light is even if your seriously fast, even if it’s first thing morning or you live in a quiet area you’re never 110% safe.

I have started running without music so I can hear everything going on, I also won’t run after 6.30/7pm as it’s getting darker and during these winter months I make a effort to wear a fluoro top/jacket in the evenings so that people can see me even on the pavement. My next plan is to have a variety of running routes and cover different area’s and change up the times and day’s etc so I limit the risk of becoming a regular runner of one route because the worrying factor is you have no idea who is actually clocking YOU.

The problem is we are all so busy, work schedules mean most of us have to run first thing or last thing and that is a reality of everyday living. Running with a friend or in a group is ideal but sometimes you need to add in more miles or enjoy the freedom and peace of running solo.

I do think the same ethics apply if you are a regular walker, even with your dog the exposure is no more or less limited.  My intent is not to frighten people or write a post that would appear like I’m a ‘paranoid thinker’ it’s actually because I think about that story and the young lady I saw the other night and…

I just want us to look out for each other..

Here are some tips for running in the dark or quiet hours:

*Don’t listen to music

*Wear reflective clothing

*Run with a companion when you can

*Stay aware of your surroundings and change your route if need be.

Do you run/walk in the dark? Or later/early hours? Any tips that you would add or advice for others? I’d love to hear!



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