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Running Aims : Faster 5km – Update

Back in May (how time fly’s?) I wrote about wanting to improve my 5km running time and I thought ‘Well, I’m a little over due a catch up’

Looking back on the first post made me smile, I was feeling in a real running funk after Silverstone Half Marathon. I felt as if I was getting slower and not faster, something needed to change.

I then started my plan for a fitter, stronger body and my training became more varied. I ran less and lifted a lot more with careful attention to how I was fuelling my workouts. I didn’t make any huge changes part from lightly carb cycling, which would mean some days I was lean on my carb intake and other day’s I’d be eating bowls of protein oats at 9.30pm. I also made an effort to watch my sugar intake and keep my calories above 2,000 a day. With a really varied spread of nutrient rich food (and occasional chocolate splurges!)

After around 6 weeks I started to set some improved times on my run’s which fuelled my confidence. But I was still yet to see a sub 26 minute 5km with my Garmin switching to 3.1 at 26.00 or 26.01 a little too often.  I hit the treadmill for intervals one evening and with many stop-starts finished the workout with a pleasing 25.00 time, although this was not one for the record books as I stopped for a drink and it was on my treadmill. I put the idea to the back of my head and continued on…

Then I started to record some faster times outside…

10km in 53.44

4miles in 33.50

3.5miles in 29.50

Running Pic

I knew I had to go to my local Park Run and give a recorded 5km my very best.

But I kept putting it off; I was scared of failing, scared of setting a frustrated personal worst. Fighting a crazy fear  that I’d get myself in a muddle about being timed. I also have a glorious habit of starting too fast whilst watching my Garmin every single minute trying to work out my ending time.

My partner saved the day and suggested that we Park Run together, this was ideal for me as If I could keep him in visibility. Which was going to comfortably get me back into the zone of the 25min 5km.  I made a bold move and went without my Garmin, I asked if this was a good idea on Twitter and was advised to go and run as hard as I could. So, that’s what I did…

It was a very warm morning, so I ate a small snack and drank a pint of water before we headed out. Once we parked up we went on a steady half a mile warm up jog and got in line to start. Of course, I went off like a wild woman, and started to struggle at around 2miles. But determined to keep the tall dark handsome runner in red shorts and a black t-shirt in my distant view I kept going.

Crossing the line I felt pumped full of adrenaline, a little sick due to the heat and desperate to know my time and finally at 16.44pm that afternoon I had confirmation of my lovely new Park Run PB!


That text message gave me so much joy and confidence, I was out of my running funk and it’s given me the push to keep working on my running. I know that I can ditch the Garmin when need be and know I can hit 24 at some point, the only person I need to convince is myself.

What have I changed?

*My mindset – I kept telling myself to keep pushing, not to stop because it hurt.

*My eating habits and cross training – You can read about this *Here *Here *Here

*Wearing my Garmin – It’s not a problem for some people but If I’m time watching and think I’m running too fast and may *burn out* I’ll slow down. The reality is that deep down, I may have a little more push than I actually realise.

What are your running or fitness goals right now? Do you find setting goals helps or do you prefer to workout for the enjoyment?



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