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Rock Solid 2016

If I think back to the start of 2016 and I can hardly take in how much has changed in under a year. In January I could barely imagine ever taking part in an obstacle course race, let alone completing 5 event’s and having 6 events already organised for 2017.

I was excited about Rock Solid, an eevent witha great gang of people to keep me company along the 10km route and the added bonus of it being local to home. A few days before the event, the race organisers released a picture of ‘The Launderette’ obstacle which made me feel childishly giddy about exploring the course.

We all met on the chilly Saturday morning, over hot tea and chitchat we realised that we’d missed the warm up and the race was starting! Almost last across the start line, we joined the crowd and I watched with glee whilst G threw himself over the haybales.


The course was mainly flat on trail/grass which made running easier, although I was running at the pace of a mud covered snail. I was happy some of the obstacles I find nerve racking such as climbing a slope using a rope, were sooner rather than later when fatigue kicked in. Talking of obstacles I’d describe Rock Solid as one of the more varied races I’ve experienced. The race packed in several walls, hay bails various water features and slides,log carrying and rope climbing into the event.


My absolute favourite was, of course, The Launderette which turned out to be a foam party which is accessed by climbing in what looked like a washing machine entrance. I know, maybe I’m still 5 years old? but I was having a grand ole time…

Due to huge ques, there were one or two obstacles we missed out, this is one of the only little niggles I had about the event. To be honest, I felt that there were too many people started at once, this meant that there was lots of waiting around at various points of the race.

I do, however, have to credit Rock Solid for the fact that there were plenty of marshalls, delicious chia charge bars on the route and hot soup for the finish. Also, the social media management was excellent with speedy and witty replies, plus the added bonus of hot showers at the event.


Would I return to Rock Solid? Yes, you’ll be seeing me there next year!

Have you taken on any interesting races recently? What makes a good event to you?



Note: Pictures used are the official Rock Solid Race photos.

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