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Returning to the pool with Halocline Swimwear

When I was growing up I loved to swim, it was the only time when I wouldn’t excuse myself from P.E and I’d long for summer when I could spend my days splashing around. During my late teens, I lost that love, I was more interested in partying than spending my time swimming. During my twenties, the love affair with running started, I swam here and there, but with no real commitment, which brings me to where I am today.

A couple of years ago, I fell during a 10km race and twisted my ankle, which led to a few weeks without running. I was frustrated, bored and in desperate need of some exercise, so I started swimming and aqua jogging. I’d completely forgotten just how relaxing swimming was, like riding a bike the natural flow returned and I got into a brief pattern of swimming at 6 am.

Fast forward to 2017, I found myself at ‘Wolf Run’ climbing into a murky looking lake and swimming fully clothed, fully aware of the additional weight of my trainers and focusing only on the finish. I was thankful for this basic life skill and after the race when I got to change into warm clothing, but that’s another story. Thanks to the increase in popularity for triathlon and obstacle race’s, more people than ever are heading to the pool.

I’m always looking for a way to change up my fitness routine, therefore I think that making time for some early morning swimming would not only rejuvenate my mind, it would also be kind to my body.

Here’s why you should make time for swimming:

  1. Its joint friendly, making it the ideal sport if you’re recovering from injury* or for more restful days.

  2. Swimming is budget friendly, you might already have a pool at your gym or local community centre – All you need is a great swimsuit , hat (optional) and goggles.

  3. Looking for a stronger core and upper body? Keep in mind that 70% of the effort in swimming comes from the upper body, making it an excellent choice.

  4. After a long stressful day, sometimes you don’t want to ‘just go for a run’ and swimming provides a relaxing escape, allowing you time to unwind and gather your thoughts.

  5. There’s no age limit with swimming; whilst some folk might stop running at 60 or 70, you can keep swimming well into your 90’s.

  6. It’s a basic life skill, need I say more?

I know that finding the ideal swimsuit can be tricky, however, times have changed. Halocline has designed a selection of swimwear which would be ideal not only in the pool but also triathlon or on the beach. I loved the flattering cut of this swimsuit, the high neckline adds a sporty twist and you could easily add shorts if you were going to run before or after.

Tell me, is swimming part of your routine?



*Note: If you are injured, it’s best to seek professional advice before swimming or any other sport.

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