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Reflecting On “Fitspo” Back In 2015

Yesterday I found myself reflecting back on my old Instagram Images and as I progressively scrolled further and further through my history, something jumped out and smacked me right in the face.

Not literally, because a) that’s not physically possible and b) that would hurt. Anyway, what occurred to me was the fact that I was clearly desperate to be “Fitspo”.


short for “fitsporation” (Not a real word!)

Images of active, strong, and fit women that promote proper exercise and diet, mainly found on Instagram, often dehydrated, taken in perfect lighting and with huge amounts of contour. May also include images of healthy foods and almost always followed up with #Eatclean #Protein

Since I’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane, I decided to highlight some of the “Fitspo” moments from 2015 that we might have forgotten, avoid or still regularly enjoy…

I attempted to tell people I was make-up free. Who was I even kidding?

“Hi, I’d love a bowl of oats, with some berries and a huge scoop of my favorite Protein Powder…”

I still eat this today, but it’s a less frequent breakfast option, I prefer just adding an egg or eating a larger serving of oats, but never the less, I always got good engagement on pictures of my oats.

Do you remember when we used to grate courgette into our oats for “Volume“, typing that sounds like I’m repeating a classic eating disorder comment but it never appeared to be a cause for concern?

“Here’s my bowl of Proats, if enough of you like this picture, I will share the recipe”

2015 me – “I’m super busy this week, so all I could make time for was a few HIIT sessions, a couple of 5km runs and some daily kettlebell training. Right now I’m working on nailing a sub 25minute park run and this top is a size 8″

2019 me – “I went to the gym today, I saw myself in the mirror and realized that I’m like a giant jelly baby. I headed over to the treadmill and I ran a 32 minute 5km. To be honest, I was bored of out my skull and I can just about buckle up my size 12 jeans”

I was convinced that HIIT was going to change my life, like burpee’s before breakfast, Kayla needed to watch her back because I was chasing her and that hideous bikini body guide.

By the way, I didn’t actually complete the Bikini Body Guide. But, I did send copies of the PDF to anyone who was interested (it’s good to be kind).

“Hi Friends, I’m pretending to like BBG”

I was working out 6-7 days a week, I watched every.single.calorie and as a result, my body fat dropped to 17%.

I was endlessly tired, I was also anemic and I used to actively avoid or worry about social events. But, at least I “looked really good in a crop top“. Sometimes I miss my body, yet I don’t miss the sheer hard work it took to achieve that.

“For this picture, I’d like to thank Dehydration and my filter choices”

Ahhhh, Body Power – It was THE EVENT OF THE YEAR everyone was there and when I finally got to visit, I spent the whole day in a daze from all the flashing lights and thumping music.

I had a massively bloated stomach from sampling all the protein bars, nut butter, and drinks. I returned home with a small rain forest of leaflets, a vest stating “Life – Lift – Love” and some Quest Protein Bars, which were all the rage back in the day.

“I am 90% Protein Powder”

I had a great time or at the very least, it was an interesting learning curve for me and one that I don’t regret. I was physically fit and strong, despite the fact I was endlessly chasing the pipe dream of the “perfect body”. From these experiances, I’ve not just grown physically, I’ve grown as a person and eventually, I might even find the perfect balance. But, whilst we wait for that day to arrive, would you like a Protein Shake?



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