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Red Velvet Oats

I spend a lot of time thinking about and making breakfast, mainly because I workout first thing and it’s my ‘refuel’ if you wish and secondly I LOVE breakfast.

Nine times out ten, I eat my breakfast at my desk whilst catching up on social media, reading my e-mails or reading blogs. On the very rare occasion, I treat myself to a ‘sit down’ breakfast with friends or on gloomy day’s breakfast is eaten on the go.

Moving away from my eating habits and in the direction of ‘Red Velvet‘, when I first tried a ‘Hummingbird Bakery, Red Velvet Cupcake‘ it was love at first bite. I became addicted to that distinctive taste and striking red colour, however, traditional red velvet includes lots of sugar, butter, milk, vinegar and flour. These are all wonderful ingredients, in a cake but perhaps just a little too indulgent for breakfast, unless of course, it’s your birthday.

I strongly feel that breakfast should be simple, that’s why this recipe works perfectly as ‘overnight oats‘ to be heated up the next day (just the microwave will do) or they can be made on the stove and eaten right away.

Adding beetroot and cocoa powder to oats may sound strange, but the thang matches ‘red velvet‘ perfectly and provides a wholesome and incredibly tasty start to the day. Adding additional chocolate is optional, I always try to tick that box, frankly too much chocolate is never enough.

Red Velvet Oats

Serves 2


120g Oats

20g Cocoa powder

25g Beetroot

20g Liquid Sweetener

200-300ml Milk (I use almond and would recommend adding more/less according to taste)


In a blender, process the beetroot, cocoa powder, liquid sweetener and 200ml of milk.

Add to oats (with more milk if required) and heat on the stove or if you’re in a hurry, just use the microwave.

Serve with dark chocolate, if that’s your kind of thing!


You can add protein powder, beetroot powder or lucuma if that’s your preference. Also, this is absolutely delightful made with coconut milk/cream/coyo.

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