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Quorn Pork Steak Stir-fry (Vegetarian,Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Now the colder weather has kicked in I just want to eat everything; in fact I feel like that is a lie because If I’m honest I pretty much always want to eat everything.

I recently wrote that I was trying to mix up my meal’s a little more and cook more creatively; I’m not sure if popping broccoli in a processor and calling it ‘Broccoli Rice’ is going to make me master chef. At the same time I’m not going to bore you with just how good roasted vegetables are, because I hope you know that they are  incredible,  alas a small part of me want’s to sing the praises of this process. You know, chopping, seasoning and baking, then when you open your oven door the winter chill is forgotten as you are greeted with the waft of  roasted onions ready to add flavour to your meal.

Ahhhhh but what add in to complement such a mix? Those of you who have been reading here for a while will know that I am ex vegetarian and still have day’s when I don’t eat meat. I know that being a vegetarian can be a battle sometimes, everyone want’s to know ‘How long have you been vegetarian?’ which makes you want to reply ‘How long have you eaten meat?‘. Oh and ‘how on earth do you get enough protein?‘ and we all know the answer to that is simple, there are many meat free sources of protein and Quorn is one of my favourites.

Therefore it’ll come as no surprise that when Quorn asked me to try out some new products and create a meal I jumped at the chance. When I was back in my familiar stomping ground of the vegetarian/vegan part of the chilled section in my local supermarket I was thrilled to see some new choices and snapped up these Pork Steaks.

The ‘pork’ was the perfect compliment to my lighter stir-fry as it works perfectly with the seasoned vegetables and is filling, protein packed and low in calories/fat (if that’s something that fit’s your dietary requirements) plus it tastes really good.

Let’s get started..

Quorn Steak, Roasted Vegetable and Broccoli Rice Stir-fry

Serves 2


Feel free to tweak to what you have in/prefer, some people may like cauliflower ‘rice’ or brown rice and/or different vegetables, I think butter nut squash is a nice addition.

Roasted vegetables 

One  small aubergine

Half a onion

Half a bell pepper

One Courgette

Two tomato’s

*Seasoning – Pepper – Paprika – Mixed Herbs

Olive Oil for roasting

Broccoli Rice

One small head of broccoli

Pork Steak

One pack of Quorn Pork Steaks


Pre:head your oven to 190 degrees and chop your vegetables ready to be roasted, then in a roasted dish place then vegetables and pour over some good olive oil, season and mix with clean hands to ensure they are well covered. It’s a personal choice but I do find the lining the roasting tin with foil mean’s that the vegetables are easier to move from dish.

Leave the vegetables to roast 45 mins (depending on your oven)

After 25 minutes

Chop your Broccoli head into smaller pieces and pulse in a food processor until ‘rice’ like and then place in boiling hot water for around 15 minutes.

Whilst your Broccoli is boiling place your Quorn steaks on the grill or in frying pan and cook for 10-15 minutes.

Serve with a dressing of your choice, I love soy or a mix of soy sauce with a paprika, mixed spice and honey.


If you’d like to keep in touch with the latest Quorn Products and offers you can via Facebook or Twitter.

Talk to me – Do you enjoy stir-fry? Have you ever tried Quorn before? Hasn’t it suddenly turned really rather cold? Brrrr



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