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Quick & Tasty Snacks For Runners..

This is a public shout out to my fellow runners who love snacking and think about food all day long. You’re not alone, snacks are brilliant, who wouldn’t want little meals in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

I’m well aware that some people can stick to 3 staple meals each day, alongside those who can run fasted with great success. However, I’m not that girl and I wouldn’t want to be when I can eat dates filled with nut butter, flapjack or fresh berries.

As mentioned, chia charge has created the most delicious flapjack I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. I firmly recommend the chocolate and peanut butter flavor, the sample pack is a great way to find your favorite too! If chocolate and nut butter is something you enjoy, It might be worth you trying my recipe for almond butter and chocolate fudge.

Tell me, what are your favorite running snacks? Anything I’ve missed?



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