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Protein Packed Chocolate Breakfast Bowl : Go Nutrition

Most mornings I sneak on to Instagram and find myself admiring yet another beautiful smoothie bowl…

But I rarely make these myself, why? You may wonder…

I’m going to be completely honest here and share the fact that I really struggle with the flavour of very ‘green’ ingredients – I know I’m not alone, so by adding some coco to this recipe we can enjoy all the wonderful health benefits of green’s whilst feeling as if we are eating something indulgent.

I think there’s a term for this, it’s ‘secretly healthy’ and I’m pretty happy with the fact you can be super healthy and just hide your green’s. Word on the street is that it’s the ‘in thing‘….Okay, I made that up

The lovely thing is that I have two options for you; the folks at Go Nutrition sent me a recipe for a very nutritious green smoothie, but it wasn’t for me as I don’t like banana. Therefore *here* is a link to that recipe, I can’t comment on what the freeze dried banana is like but what I can tell you is that the freeze dried strawberry pieces are absolutely scrumptious.

When I was creating my recipe I wanted to focus on making something I would enjoy for breakfast, something that was satisfying but with balanced macro’s and the added bonus of being quick to whip up.

As I’ve mentioned above this is secretly healthy, we are mixing healthy greens, protein, balanced fats and making a kick ass breakfast to keep us full until lunch.

You can buy most of these ingredients from Go Nutrition, I was sent some products but others I brought myself as they are honestly so much more cost effective. I buy my unflavoured soy protein from Go Nutrition plus coconut flakes and zero noodles on a regular basis, they have brilliant sales and very fast delivery which I do think is really important.

Let’s move on to the recipe..


80g Yoghurt of choice

25g Protein Powder (I used Go Nutrition Soy)

1 Teaspoon Go Nutrition Kale Powder

1 Teaspoon Go Nutrition Wheatgrass Power

1 Teaspoon coco/cacao powder

15g Liquid Sweetener

Toppings: I used freeze dried strawberries, coconut flakes, cashews and cacao nibs


Mix together the yoghurt, protein powder, kale powder, coco powder and wheat grass, once everything is well combined add in the liquid sweetener.

Add the toppings of your choice and serve.

Talk to me: Do you eat smoothie bowls or are you turning to warmer breakfasts now? Do you enjoy the taste of eating your greens or prefer to hide them like me?



Disclaimer: I was sent some of the products used by Go Nutrition but all the views and recipe are my own.

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