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Pancake Day With BBC Radio Northampton

Sometimes in life, you just need a few seconds of huge bravery…

When BBC Radio Northampton contacted me about my Pancake Recipe Book and asked if I’d like to appear on the show and talk about it. My immediate reaction was to say YES and then wonder, how on earth I was going to pull this out the bag. My thoughts led to imposter syndrome, I started to question if I was a good fit? Would I muffle my words, or even worse, swear?

Comfort zones are wonderful aren’t they? But nothing good happens there, just the same old safe day to day stuff.

On the morning of Strove Tuesday, I woke early (5.30 am!) and proceeded to run around like a headless chicken. Rather than focus on important things, like getting dressed and preparing a pancake batter. I focused my efforts on talking to the cat and sorting the washing.

Jules and Isaac arrived at 6.35 am and after a round of much-needed coffee’s, we eased into a happy conversation and went over the plan for the show. I had already been given the heads up about topics we were going to cover, so I spent some time researching the evening before. Before my first “appearance” I took a deep breath and focused on the fact, the worst that could happen is I say something a little embarrassing. I might remember forever, but others will forget almost immediately.

In-between slots, we planned the next piece of content and I started preparing more pancake batter as we decided that I’d make American style pancakes and traditional English pancakes. My anxiety was through the roof, despite my visitors being impressed by my pancake frying pan (Thanks G!). I felt like a complete beginner, I genuinely don’t know how people stay so calm on programs that involve competitive baking.

When it came to taste testing, my stomach was in knots, I’d laid out a whole range of toppings, syrups and waited heart in mouth for the feedback. Of course, they might just have been wonderfully polite (if so for the sake of my sanity, thank you!) but everything went well.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil it for you, so if you’d like to listen you can check out the show *Here* I’m on from around 1hour 25mins.

Or, if you fancy catching some of the action, then I suggest you check out this little clip –

Learning how to flip a pancake from the master. @cakevscales @BBCNorthampton — Jules E.Osmany (@JulesOsmany) February 25, 2020

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to BBC Radio Northampton for taking a chance on me and all my wonderfully supportive family/friends. This might not sound like a big deal to some of you, but for me, this is something I won’t forget in a hurry.

Katie x

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