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One Tray Chicken Meal Prep

As a nation, we are busy trying to balance everything all the time and with this in mind, I wanted to share a cheap and extremely time effective meal prep recipe. Looking back over my recent recipes I’ve come to notice that chocolate features heavily, as much as living off chocolate would be the dream, it’s not the reality.

When I’ve got a busy week ahead, I simply chop a tonne of vegetables, here I’ve included courgette, onion, peppers and carrots. Sling them into a baking tray, season, add a dash of olive oil and bake for 20 minutes, then pop the chicken on top and cook for another 30 minutes.

Once the vegetables and chicken were cooked, I added spinach and edamame peas for a touch of crunch, I recommend a sprinkle of seeds and nuts too! As you can see above, this makes for the perfect meal prep if the Tupperware life is the one for you.

You could serve straight away, add a dash of balsamic glaze and a side of rice, pasta or alternatively you could fill a wrap, add cheese and mayo. You can use this as a simple base for so many different meals, also it works well if you change up the meats or try fish, the possibilities are endless and it’s also extremely cost-effective. This is a great way to use up any leftover vegetables, therefore avoiding food waste and most of the vegetables freeze well, if you want to eat this the following week.

I’ve written about batch cooking or ‘Meal Prep’ in a touch more detail here as I want to show that preparing meals in advance shouldn’t be fussy or complicated.

Whats your best time-saving tip when it comes to ‘Meal Prep’?



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