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Oats (& Granola!) e-book

My parents didn’t raise a quitter, they raised a…Procrastinator!

I saw that on Twitter this week and it made me chuckle, plus it felt like a strong, if not, overly honest way to start this post. Because truth be told, I’ve stop-started this post/e-book more times than I’ve opened the fridge today. Trust me, I open the fridge a LOT.

I suppose you could say I was cautious and kept asking myself so many questions “Do people want another e-book?” – “Are oats that interesting?” and “Is that Granola burning in the kitchen? Oh, I hope it’s not burning, because I’ll be forced to eat it burnt because I can’t stand food waste”.

Maybe I should say “Save me from myself”, but I’m fine. Everything’s just fine.

The time has come to give you an overview:

*Each recipe can easily be made Vegan/higher/lower calorie.

*Each recipe is purposefully simple, I fully appreciate that not everyone has endless amounts of time to make a fancy breakfast.

*This is a FREE e-book, so you can use it for inspiration, pick and choose what you fancy trying and/or look at it once, before promptly forgetting about it.

*I’ve thrown in a few Granola recipes, just to shake everything up and these recipes do take a little longer, but this will keep for a good few weeks and is super delicious.

These are tough times so:

*I buy oats in bulk, honestly even though they are cheap, this makes them even more cost effective.

*When it comes to the recipes that require fruit, I tend to buy bags of frozen fruit and just defrost berries etc when I fancy adding berries.

*I find it frustrating when recipes call for lots of expensive nuts, seeds, etc so feel free to omit and change according to your budget.

If you do try any recipes:

It would be lovely to hear from you or be tagged, I’ll make sure I share your creation! But don’t worry, it’s not a hard, fast rule, because – I’m just not that kind of Woman!

If you’ve enjoyed this and like eating and making pancakes?

Then, it’s only natural that I recommend adding another FREE little e-book to your Library, come on over and check out my Pancake Recipe Guide.


Katie x

Oats and Granola Free Recipe E-book, suitable for Vegans and family's. Tasty. simple and very delicious breakfast ideas for all budgets.
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