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My Yoga Journey: The Start

If I’m honest, I think what’s been holding me back from Yoga is the fact I small mindedly thought something slow, that requires flexibility and relaxation wasn’t going to be for me. 

I was so wrong…

Around 2 months ago I brought a yoga DVD, I nervously unsealed the package and waited a week before my first attempt. I went around it the wrong way; after reading, listening and starting to learn I understood that I won’t be judged by this and that everyone’s yoga journey is different. I firstly tired on a morning on a morning that I was anxious, in a hurry and I didn’t allow myself to settle into the right mindset.

So I tried again, left it a few week’s and eventually it felt a little more natural but something was still missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. This is where OM Yoga magazine came in, I dived into my first issue and quietly soaked up an introduction to the incredibly positive mindset and lifestyle choices of those that embrace yoga as a everyday part of life.

Relaxing after a light yoga session in the Sun..

Last Sunday evening, inspired by what I had been reading I started my search for a local yoga class..

I e-mailed a lady who offered classes for beginners and asked if/when I could join, the following morning I had a reply offering me a place in that evenings class with open arms. 

I’ll be honest, I was nervous, excited and unsure what to expect…One part of yoga I love is the clothing, I am so easily distracted by Lululemon, anything with a fancy back and comfort, for me comfort is a mandatory requirement. Fortunately there was a fashion story for me to devour in OM Yoga magazine so when I whizzed home before class I could dress accordingly and look less like a fish out of water. Whilst appearances aren’t everything but feeling comfortable makes all the difference, I didn’t want to struggle in a pose because my clothing was restricting me. 

When I entered the studio I was greeted with a sense of calm, a charming and welcoming teacher and the friendliest group I’ve every encountered in a fitness class. I felt fortunate and ready to learn; the class flew by and whilst I had help with some poses I was never made to feel uncomfortable for the fact I can’t touch my toes or go into some poses as deeply. I won’t lie, I floated out of class feeling like a new woman; anyone who know’s me will confirm I’m often stressed, I can be loud and I really, genuinely struggle to relax and all those aspects of my personality where dissolved on my journey home. 

I know it’s not realistic for me to change my whole outlook after one class but I knew that some changes needed to be made and it was time to try and make the time to practice daily or at least as often as I could. Fortunately for me OM Yoga magazine had a series of couples poses (that I could do solo) and this was so helpful for me as a beginner, plus the fact there was only a few poses this meant I could fit some yoga into my mornings. 

Next month I’ll write again and give you my next instalment, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learnt and hopefully I’ll be a little closer to feeling really confident in these poses.

OM Yoga Magazine is available in digital and print, plus there is a version for my beautiful USA readers; you can buy the magazine as a one off or for more of a taster there’s 5 and 10 month subscriptions *here*  

Have you ever tired Yoga before? Do you take classes or practice at home? 



*Disclaimer – The wonderful folk at OM Yoga magazine have kindly given me 3 months subscription, for this I thank them in encouraging my yoga journey. 

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