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My Customized Hoodie with College Custom

It’s a known fact that I’m a sportswear addict, I’ve even sectioned part of my wardrobe(s) to allow for my not so very secret addiction…

I’m also a huge fan of oversized hoodies, comforting, warm, and the perfect evening attire when relaxing at home. But what about something a little more personal? A hoodie I could wear out and about? Something with my blog logo on perhaps?

Some of you may be thinking…

‘Woooooha stop there Katie G – Has your ego inflated out of control?’

No. I’ve still got my feet planted firmly on the ground, but my wardrobe has the addition of a ‘Cake Vs Scales Hoodie’ and I’m very proud. You see, as blogger’s we work hard to create content, to share our opinion and promote our little piece of the World Wide Web. Subconsciously when we shop for sportswear we are advertising well known brand’s by choosing their products. Let me turn that around to why shouldn’t we incorporate promoting our own hard work with our own personal sportswear?

Custom clothing is not just for advertising your blog; I’ve seen many runners customise vests for important races. What if the standard logo’s/quotes in the shops don’t appeal to you? How about something a little more meaningful? Or unique? 

This is where college custom come in, they can customise a whole variety of garments from hoodies, to vests, to even onesies. If you are a particular fan of a certain brand for example ‘Nike’ then you can customize a Nike product or Adidas or even American Apparel.

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Dr Seus

What’s the process of ordering an item?

To start, I chose a hoodie as my garment of choice because I knew this was something I could get a lot of wear out of. I then had the tricky task of choosing a colour but I went for a varsity ski hoodie as the contrasting colours really appealed to me. The following step was to order the garment and preview the customization before ordering the final product.

What about the design process?

To start the design process of my hoodie, I sent over a copy of my logo to the College Custom team and they came back with a few options and mock up’s of the design for me to approve. They do have a large selection of designs already on the website which you could personalise also.

How long did it take for the garment to arrive? What’s the quality like?

Once I had agreed on the colour scheme and design, my hoodie was with me within a few days. The hoodie is of high quality with a lovely fleecy lining, in relation to sizing I went for medium as I prefer a larger hoodie.

What are my options if I don’t fancy a hoodie?

If a hoodie is not what you are looking for then College Custom provide a huge range of products for a variety of sports.  Let’s say, you wanted something for the rugby pitch? Tennis court? Even a customized tote bag for shopping?  College Custom will have you covered.

I want to organize clothing for a team of us – How do I go about this?

College Custom do have an ‘Online Shop option which means everyone can order individually which saves you administration and mean’s everyone can order exactly what they want.

Should you want to know more check out the site here.

So tell me, is custom clothing something that would be of interest to you? Maybe for a event?



Disclaimer: College Custom kindly provided me with a hoodie in exchange for a honest review, my opinions are always my own.

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