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Music For Mental Health

Did you know that music can be used as a regulating or calming agent for anxiety?

Right now we’re living in frightening times; I’m in a constant feeling of uncertainly and not sure what each day will bring. I know I’m not alone and I strongly feel that whilst music can’t cure everything, it can certainly make these tough days a little easier.

By incorporating more music into your everyday life can it be used as:

  1. A boost your overall and your motivation for the day.

  2. As an aid for relaxation.

  3. An opportunity to escape and improve your creativity.

With all of this in mind, when I found myself struggling I decided to put together a couple of playlists. One to move your feet and one for the heart, hearing some of these songs whisked up so many emotions and if they can help just one person? I’ll be a happy lady…

For The Low…

For The High…

Katie x

Music for mental health during tough times...
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