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Mudnificent 7 – 2016

As we walked across to the start line, I felt more butterflies than ever before…

I’d spectated on the pro’s easing themselves along the obstacles with precision and speed. I had absolutely no idea on on earth I was going to work my way over a 15ft wall (Note: I didn’t) but I was ready to get muddy and give it my best shot.

Guiding me along the course were Lorraine and Leigh, both experienced, kick ass women who wouldn’t let me fall. Unless, of course it was funny or whilst knee-deep in mud, because, that’s actually the whole point..


I’ve been trying to get rid of this spare tyre for most of 2016, but you know…we’ve become rather attached..

Let me tell you about Mudnificent 7 and why I think you should try next year…

This is one of the few obstacle course races that allow you to try ‘tasters’ of 7 different races, it’s an ideal way of finding event’s that would suit you.


There’s climbing, balancing, water, plenty of walls and the good ole folk from ‘colour rush’ even stepped in at last minute, muddy brown is so last season.


It was tough and I’m totally comfortable admitting that I reached my limit at some points, I can do most things, but not everything. My main fear’s are: 15ft walls, significant drops and deep water and if I’m honest? It’s all in my mind. 

I loved ‘Rock Solid’ due to the rock climbing element, Zeus had the kindest and most attractive assistants and I’m going to let this picture explain how I felt about ‘The Reaper OCR’.


Yes. As you can see, I loved it, so much so that I was easing into a dramatic little victory run..

Overall, the course is fun and varied, the t-shirt and medal are fabulous (don’t try to convince me that you don’t care for medals?) and the expo is tempting and there was lots of food, hurrah for food! Talking of food, after the event, we washed up the best we could and ate ribs on a picnic blanket whilst planning out next adventure.


See you on the muddy slide folks!



Psssst : The photos were taken by the folks behind ‘Mudinificent 7’ – I look so good that I’ve not seen my boyfriend in weeks…

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