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Muddy Furlong – My first obstacle course race..


A few weeks ago I had a moment of confidence; I grabbed my phone and sent a text to the one woman I knew would give me the push I needed. Within a few hours, I was booked onto my first Obstacle Course Race and there was no turning back, I was going to be muddy, smelly and scared.

I’ve always watched people who take on Obstacle course races from afar, often thinking that I’d be too nervous, too weak or too slow and then I realised, I wouldn’t know unless I tried. I was inspired by Lorraine’s motivation and determination to complete endless races, not only for her own personal achievement but to also support her charity.

I knew it was my time and I was going to begin my journey into the unknown, I was taking part in Muddy Furlong.

When we arrived at the course, my stomach lurched at the sight of the huge slide into the muddy water and I pondered how on earth I’d force myself to go down!


After warming up the OCR started, we began with a short run and within moments I was waist deep in muddy water and all my fear’s started to disappear.


Along the course we met Sharron who was also a newbie and a solo racer, we encouraged her to join us and continued along the course as a team. I don’t know about you, but I find helping others empowering and loved how working as team helped not only me but my teammates.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

Before we knew it, we’d ran up hills, crawled through tunnels, waded through all.the.mud, climbed up and jumped down. My clothing was soaked, somehow my trainers were still attached to my feet and we were embracing the kind of smell that was going to bring all the local animals* to the yard. Note: *Not the male kind.

Muddy Furlong

Actions speak louder than words, Lorraine beautifully edited this video of our adventure…


Thank you to both Lorraine and Sharron for keeping me company and pushing me when I really needed it. I’m a proud supporter of ‘The Lewis Foundation, if you can spare a small amount to help Lorraine and Lee on their journey to assist Cancer patients in Northampton that would mean the world to them and to me

Have you ever taken part in a OCR event before?



*Please note: most of the photos were kindly taken by ‘Muddy Furlong’ and the group photo was taken by Sharron’s daughter.

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